Anybody who has played an organized sport, even if only in high school or college, is intimately familiar with The Big Mo. Let me briefly illustrate, and then we’ll put it into context with the DOJ.

My game was hockey. Let’s say you’re down by 3 goals with 12 minutes left to go. You or a teammate pulls a sudden highlight reel move, and scores a goal. The home crowd loves it. But instead of sitting down once play resumes, they’re still screaming and yelling, they can feel it, and so can you. 3 minutes later you score another goal, and the place is insane. The Big Mo organically feeds on itself.

But here’s the thing about The Big Mo. You can’t luck into it. A lucky break may create the flashpoint, but you have to bust your ass. Skate faster, check harder, pass better, get in the right positions to shoot. It has to be earned.

And if anybody on the planet has ever earned The Big Mo, it’s the J6 committee. They started off with gut wrenching testimony of 4 Capitol Hill and DC police officers of 3 hours of mortal hand-to-hand combat. And they have released blockbuster bombshell after blockbuster bombshell. And neither Trump nor his far right media lackeys can stop the media coverage deluge.

We already know that the DOJ is paying attention. We know that because GA Merrick Garland himself testified that while he might not catch every minute live, he watches it later on DVR, and so does most of the DOJ attorneys involved in the investigation. And we know that the DOJ has switched gears from the street thugs who invaded the Capitol to the higher ups who planned and attempted to execute the whole thing. They have two separate grand juries going, one from the DC US Attorney, and one from main Justice.

My mind keeps going back to one thing. The J6 committee testimony we heard last Thursday was delayed by 8 days. It was supposed to have taken place the previous Wednesday. The official explanation was that the panel’s video team needed more time to put the montage of deposition together.

Most sage observers, including myself smelled bullshit. After all, 2 days earlier, Bill Stepian was literally in DC for his testimony when his wife went into labor. It only took a 90 minute delay for the video team to throw together the salient parts of his testimony from his deposition, and the hearing went on. The excuse just didn’t hold water.

And look what happened. On Wednesday, the day before the rescheduled hearing, federal agents searched Jeff Clark’s home and confiscated his electronics, while other federal agents seized John Eastman’s cell phone, literally while he was eating in a restaurant. Am I the only one who finds it plausible that the DOJ may have contacted Thompson and Cheney, asking them to delay the hearing so they could get their ducks in a row before Eastman and Clark found out just how much trouble they are in?

And here we go again. The last 2 J6 committee hearings were scheduled for this Tuesday and Thursday. But then Thompson announced that they were being moved back until at least the 2nd or 3rd week of July. The official reason is that they are combing through new information and testimony that is still coming in. Could be.

But then, just to keep the ball rolling, and the fire white hot, they schedule an emergency session for yesterday so that Cassidy Hutchinson could testify to the bombshell fact that Trump already knew that the mob was armed when he turned them loose on the Capitol.

We now know that there were two very valid reasons for rushing Hutchinson in front of the committee and cameras. Thanks to Liz Cheney, we know that one of the potential witnesses being pressured by Trump cronies was Cassidy Hutchinson. And the second reason is that Hutchinson’s testimony gave the J6 committee a bulletproof reason to issue the subpoena for the testimony of WH Counsel Pat Cipollone.

The J6 committee is really riding The Big Mo. But in 2-3 weeks they’re going to hold their final two hearings, unless more are added. And after that, The Big Mo is going to peter out. Because, that’s it. The final horn has sounded.

So, from where I’m sitting, the DOJ has about a month. Because after all, when you come right down to it, the DOJ and the J6 committee are really the same team, aren’t they? They’re both committed to getting legal accountability for assholes like Trump, Meadows, Clark, Eastman, Giuliani, et al. And you can bet your ass that the media will see one as a logical extension of the other.

Here’s how I see it going. Within 2 weeks, if not less, from the final J6 committee hearing, the DOJ will have a press conference to announce Obstruction of Justice charges, or Seditious Conspiracy charges against morons like Giuliani and Peter Navarro. Those are the easiest to prove, and they’re called Placekeeper Charges, because they freeze the defendants in place while the investigation into other, juicier charges continues. Most importantly, it puts them in the criminal justice system, and stops the Statute of Limitations dead in its tracks.

A couple of weeks or a month or so later, they’ll charge Mark Eastman, or Jeffrey Clark, and the road show goes on. The Big Mo keeps right on rolling, and the DOJ is right in the middle of the curl.

Because once they get processed into the system, the hits just keep coming. There are going to be regularly scheduled, all fully covered by the media. And let’s not forget the possibility of more news conferences  with the announcements of superseding indictments for more serious crimes, requiring more court appearances that the media can cover to keep this in the spotlight.

Hey, I’ll be the first one to admit it, I might have my head up my ass. But the speed with which the DOJ has wheeled from concentrating on street soldiers to investigating the sedition conspirators leads me to believe that I was right, the DOJ is much farther along in their investigation than we thought. The pure speed in which they served subpoenas to GOP members in 3 different states concerning the electoral vote fraud scheme shows that they have been busy little beavers. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Have to admit when I first read the title of the article, I was assuming when you wrote “The Big Mo” that you meant “Mo Brooks.”

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Mr Brooks does wind up getting ridden by the DOJ in the next few days or weeks?


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