From the department of “You couldn’t make this shit up:”


“Despite the January 6 hearings doing a number on the insurrectionist attack, and more damningly, on Donald Trump‘s chances of running for president again, a performance art piece at this weekend’s CPAC event in Texas is trying its best to play the martyr card. On Thursday night, freelance journalist Lauren Jedeed captured video of a man sitting inside a fake jail cell at the conservative event. While wearing a MAGA hat, the cell’s occupant didn’t once break character as he attempted to highlight the harrowing plight of the January 6 rioters who have been jailed for, well, rioting on January 6.

Seems very dramatic, right? Well, here’s the thing: According to Mediaite, the “performance artist” was later identified as Brandon Straka, who did participate in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building. However, Straka notably did not serve any jail time because he ratted out his fellow rioters to the Feds. Yup.


“In the memo, Dornan said Straka provided “significant information” to federal investigators over three interviews with the FBI following his arrest. In one interview on March 5, 2021, Straka, according to Dornan, provided information about “individuals who were inside of Nancy Pelosi’s office; individuals who were inciters at the Capitol; and organizers of the Stop the Steal movement.”

He also listed the names of individuals Straka spoke to the FBI about. Those names include rally organizers Amy and Kylie Kremer, Cindy Chafian and Ali Alexander — who Dornan described as the “preeminent leader of the Stop the Steal movement.”

What a bunch of gullible idiots. They were throwing money at the stoolie.

Self pity is better than sex foe MAGAts…


😬 The horror!




Sad, but probably true…

I think I’ll pass on this show, if the put Roger Stone in a Dunking booth let me know…

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  1. I’d be curious as to the terms of his probation, and whether his mere appearance at CPAC, much less his “performance art” violated them. I sure hope so because seeing his ass hauled off to spend a few years in a REAL jail cell is something I’d find highly entertaining. Some criminal lawyer or prosecutor should correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is that barring people from certain activities and/or associating with certain people groups (that got them into legal trouble in the first place) is fairly common in parole and probation agreements.

    • What a bunch of illiterate, moronic, narcissistic asswipes. Talk about snowflakes. It was a goddamn blizzard of baby snowflakes at CPAC. Where’s the squealing pig???

      • It always is a blizzard of snowflakes at this event. CPAC should be more properly called the “Keep White People in Power” pac. That doesn’t scan well and let’s face it, “conservative” = “white people in power” in this country.

  2. Just a minor correction ‘narc’ spelt with a ‘c’ refers to narcotics. an informer is a ‘nark’ (spelt with a ‘k’)


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