Look, I think we can all agree on one thing. Everybody makes mistakes. I make ’em, you make ’em, it’s part of being human. Hell, even computers make mistakes, They just don’t call them that, they call them Internal Server Errors.

But you shouldn’t make mistakes when you’re being paid not to. If you’re a programmer, sitting at work one day, typing away, and you have an idea for a new app, you can’t write it down and take it home to make it. That’s called protected work product, the company paid you to have that thought.

Likewise, if you’re a harried west wing staffer, and there aren’t enough hours in the day, even if you’re entitled to get them, and you get them every day, you can’t take home the PDB’s to read, and store them in your garage! The staffer that did that got roasted by the FBI and lost his security clearance.

Which is why we’re now on an Indictment Watch for Traitor Tot for violations of the Espionage Act. We know that because The New York Times had broken fresh reporting that states that when Trump left the White House for Mar-A-Lago in January of 2021, he took more than 300 documents with him that had various levels of Classified status stamped on them.

You all know my slogan, Once is an accident, twice is a habit, but 3 times is a fetish. Anybody can make an honest mistake, especially if, like Trump, you wait until 3 days before vacating your room to start packing. A lone document here, a lone document there. But 300 of them?!

But the critical word in this report is documents. The NYT article doesn’t say jack shit about pages, just documents. Any idea of how many of those documents were multi page documents? It is not at all inconceivable that Trump stumbled out of the White House with more than 1000 pages of classified material. And that ain’t no accident, pal.

But it gets even worse for The Mango Messiah. Because the Times goes on to report that in late 2021, when it became clear that at least some of the document boxes would have to be returned, Trump personally went through the boxes, and separated some documents to be taken away and stored elsewhere. As a result, during the search, more documents were found in a location other than the storage locker, and even more documents were recovered from a tub in the closet of Trump’s office.

300 pages is a little less than the content of a Stephen King book. When you get to 1000 pages, you’re approaching the content of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I know, I’ve read it. Twice. But even if the original purloinment was an honest mistake, when you’re advised of it by the government, and they demand them back, cherry picking which documents you want to send back, and which you want to keep is guilty knowledge and criminal intent.

If the NYT has this information, and has published it, I’m having trouble believing that Merrick Garland and the DOJ are blissfully ignorant. Especially when the FBI says that they aren’t sure that they’ve located every document, if they were stored somewhere outside of the area covered by the search warrant. That’s why we’re on an indictment alert for charges stemming from the Espionage Act, as well as possible Obstruction of Justice. I don’t think that the DOJ will wait long on this. It’s too damn arrogant and in-your-face. The DOJ is going to close this one out quickly. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. It would be so good to see that TFG would be facing the fact that his BS won’t fly this time. All his distractions/diversions would be for naught, and justice would be in his face.

  2. IANAL, but this just seems like an open and shut case. He returned some 20 odd boxes of documents in January. The search uncovered another 12 or so boxes of documents. There is no way he can claim they are “his” documents. Just indict him already and let’s get this one case over with.

  3. All of this means nothing if the ‘pubes get back into power/take over Congress. The FIRST thing they’ll do is get rid of the Espionage Act-yeah, that will have to wait until Biden is out of office but you know it’s coming. The next thing will be to make sure the states going after this criminal fuck stop what they’re doing: H.O.R. has control of the purse after all.

    I hate the fact we’re having to depend on the most undependable people in our country: young people. I do not see any evidence they are paying attention to what has and is going down. Without their votes, the dems will not retain shit. And don’t even get me started on soccer moms. The pity of it is the block that might benefit the ‘pubes, the older white voters, have nothing better to do so the ‘pubes won’t be losing anything. The dems have to do much to persuade young women to get off their asses, young men to stop trying to get laid, and suburban moms to put off taking the kids to whatever activity is going on that day. The ‘pubes don’t have to do much to get their voters out but if they do, they now have a guy with $1.6 B at his disposal who wants more than anything to destroy this nation.

    I hope everyone is doing the math right now because the total is abysmal.

    • Wow.you have been paying attention to what Biden has done to this country over the past two years.we are the laughing stock of the world economy is f***** and it don’t look like there’s going to be any way out of we’re about to go to war with China and Russia we have to depend on other countries for our fuel and everybody this is that the dumbass is fault. People like you that are burying this country

      • Your delusions are truly pathetic. Trump tried out a couple of stock lines from his rallies to the leaders of the world at tha annual U.N. General Assembly and they LITERALLY laughed at him. He tried to hide it but he was clearly shocked. On the other hand Biden has restored a good bit of our credibility with allies, as witnessed by his rallying not just NATO but other countries to help Ukraine fight off the attempts of Trump’s pal Pootie to take over a country by force.

      • Hoo boy, mommy really should have had those lead pipes removed before getting pregnant, people like you are a lost cause to all of civilization. Good luck, mikhail

    • I beg to disagree…Even if the GOP retakes the House in november, whish is in play, BIDEN will still be President for 2 more years…These investigations are in the FBI and DOJ purview, and there’s nothing that GOP dominated committees can do to stop them from moving down the track…

  4. “300 pages is a little less than the content of a Stephen King book. When you get to 1000 pages, you’re approaching the content of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

    Well, King has managed to put out a few 1000+-page books in his career. “It” originally ran 1138 pages and, in 1990, he released the “Original and Uncut” version of “The Stand” which ran 1152 pages (the 1978 edition ran a “mere” 823 pages). And “Under the Dome” ran 1074 pages.

    On the whole, though, King’s books have run more than 400 pages, including many of his most well-known works (“The Green Mile,” “Firestarter,” “The Dead Zone,” “Salem’s Lot,” “The Shining,” “Christine”).

    • You people don’t understand that he had every right to take them documents he was put together while he was in office just like every other president took all the records they wanted to do and they left nothing that’s being nice about it if there is then every one of the presidents is looking at charges.

      • Oh Michael, where do I begin? Did you sleep through your English classes in school because that stuff “was for sissies?” Now I guess you’ll come back and claim you are smart with a very fine brain. And tell us so by saying “I are a reel grade skook graj-u-ate!”

        FYI, former Presidents besides Trump turn EVERYTHING over to the National Archives. Eventually, when a former President opens their library documents are moved there BUT they remain under the control of the National Archives which maintains a staff at those libraries to ensure proper supervision of them and control access to some of them. The former Presidents themselves can request certain people be given access to some documents not readily available but the final decision rests with the Archivists, and if any sensitive information is there with the relevant agency’s approval.

        THAT is how it works. THAT is the fucking LAW!

        Learn to read better, well enough to sort of comprehend laws and the Federal Code you dipshit.

  5. When I served in Military Intelligence, we were taught almost the same slogan. “Once is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action.”

    When it comes to Trump, we’re at about a thousand or more times now. Enemy action is more than confirmed. Long past time to act accordingly.

  6. Hey, I am doing better than I was 2 years ago and so is everyone still alive after being subjected to a pandemic and a year of republiCLOWN dumbasses advising us how to survive while following orders from that little punk, putin.


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