That’s the nice thing about the GOP, they just never know when to leave something alone. And now Indiana is about to take its turn in the tumbler of being the poster child for  the blind leading the stupid. And the funny thing is, it’s a primo example of Indiana Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Here’s the setup. A couple of months ago, the state of Ohio became a national pariah when a 10 year old rape victim couldn’t get an abortion because she was three days over the state’s new 6 week abortion ban. So she went to Indiana for the abortion instead. Ohio is the goat, and Indiana is the hero, right?

I guess not if you’re a GOP MAGA moron. For some reason the Indiana GOP was furious that someone took advantage of a service offered legally in their state. And they set about to fix it, with a vengeance. First, the Indiana Attorney General started an investigation into the doctor for violating state law. She didn’t. Then the Indiana legislature rushed back into a special session to fix their abortion rights problem.

Here’s where The Law f Unintended Consequences comes in. As I read it, the new bill is basically a ban on abortions in Indiana. But here’s the McGuffin. The bill carries an exception for rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother. 

Are you following the GOP’s logic here? If you are, you’re ahead of me. A 10 year old rape victim goes to Indiana for an abortion she can’t get in Ohio. Which royally pisses off the Indiana GOP, so they pass a new bill that would basically ban abortion in Indiana. In which they leave an exception for cases of rape and incest. Which means that another 10 year old armed with a police report could still cross the border into Indiana for an abortion!

I swear to God, this shit makes my head spin. Indiana has a knee jerk reaction to an extremely rare event, goes into a special session to deal with it, and in the process doesn’t fix the problem they started out with! And just in time to drive white suburban soccer moms out to the polls in November. The blind leading the stupid.


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  1. It’s not such an “extremely rare event”. In 2020 (the last year for which statistics are available, 54 girls 14 and younger got abortions in Ohio. That’s more than one a week. And every one of those cases is prima facie evidence of statutory rape. Which is not rare at all.

    • Yes – and for every pregnancy which occurs in a girl 14 or under, how many statutory rapes are thenre where the victim does not get pregnant? I am guessing A LOT.

      I wonder what the world would be like today if Freud had listened to women. Althoug real change would have reqwuired a lot more listening than just Freud.

      • Freud started out believing women when they related stories which involved incest. There so.many of them that Dortmund couldn’t believe that upper crust men could be did doing their daughters and nieces and sisters so they must be lying. Years cargo I talked c with a pal.with a n M.S. in Psych. It was well-known that Freud was wrong, but even Karen Honey didn’t crate point this out–especilly not if the critic was,azwoman. That was in 1977. It tooka,male shrink who wrote,about Freud to make this point.

        Freud told us,a lot about the neuroses,of one male Jewish physician which he generalized cut everyonecelse. And he told his fiancee of many years that she shouldn’t get a job irca,degree because c he liked to picture her sitting with primly folded hands awaiting her wedding. That letter tells us everything we need to know,about whatvhecthoyghtbifcwomen, and thus every “insight” he had into feminine c psychology was frankly bullshit.

        • I would read your posts if you would just edit them and correct the typos. It’s too hard wading through all the extra commas and other junk to figure out what the hell you’re saying. And newbies complain about Murfster! Jeez.

    • Sadly, how many 10-14 year old girls know enough about how their bodies work to realize they are pregnant? How many will go to their parents to ‘fess that they did something they don’t really understand with their uncles/brothers/whomever? And, of course, lots of parents and, especially, GOP politicians scream bloody murder when the idea of teaching anything about sex to 10 year olds comes up.

    • If memory serves as Gov. Pence pushed for and got a dumbass bill on some other conservative, make that RWNJ hobby-horse issue. It was extreme enough that it got overturned and his political career was toast until team Trump came a callin because the “Evangelical” Leaders needed someone on the ticket with Trump to be able to sell him to their fucked up in the head (thanks to their efforts!) worshipers. For THAT block of voters Pence was right out of central casting so Trump’s preferred pick was cast aside (much to Jared’s delight because he was itching for ANY way to get revenge on Christie) and we got Pence. Talk about your lapdog political beards! But the shit worked, if only just barely. The point though is that Indiana is reliable conservative country BUT even they have their limits and they were GLAD Pence was gone! And remember, Obama carried the state in 2018 and kept things pretty close in 2012. So there’s more sanity there than one might think at first glance. This could be one of those years when temporary SANITY makes an appearance and we get some surprises in various elections (both state and federal) come November.

  2. Calling someone a GOP MAGA moron is redundant. One should naturally assume all magats, hell all ‘pubes, are morons. Until and unless they do a complete 180 on words and actions, they will remain morons. Put an “R” next to your name and you might as well put an “M” there.

  3. Indiana is also the state where, in the 19th century, someone wrote a proposed law that would have resulted in pi being officially defined as 3.

  4. Hey, that’s what happens when you elect corrupt flunkies as your temporary “attorney general”. This one is especially stupid and corrupt. Just look at the scum they hire for “law enforcement” in that cracker, shit hole state. Pence is just one example….


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