If I were Marjorie Taylor Greene’s opponent Marcus Flowers I’d be grinning like the cat that ate the canary too.

Not only did he manage to get MTG on camera endorsing drumpf’s big lie, which everyone but the most hardcore MAGAts are heartily sick of, but when he had backed her into that rhetorical corner, she lashed out with the ridiculous claim that there were FOIA documents that prove that drumpf won and… get this… her husband, whom she is in the process of divorcing has procession of them.

No word on whether that is single or joint custody.

Either way it seems to this reporter that drumpf himself would be mightily interested in getting his grubby hands on the docs…I guess he could always steal them.


Ya think?




Don’t worry, she will.









Georgia needs to kick this lying sack of bleached blonde hair to the curb.

Go Marcus!

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  1. Maybe the reason she’s getting divorced is she’s a bigamist (or, since this is MAGA/Trump World “biglyamist’) and her second hubby has been Mike Lindell. And HE is the husband she’s talking about! And we WILL see that “proof”, “soon”… (You see, there’s been a problem with gaining control over those “Jewish Space Lasers” to blast open the vault at the even more secret than Area 51) where they are hidden!)

  2. Whenever I ponder the thinking that would lead someone to withhold all this incredibly important evidence just a little while longer, I keep coming back to an image of Roger Rabbit deciding that it wouldn’t be quite funny enough to get out of the cuffs just yet.

  3. “procession” Is this a spelling error or is it what Marge TRAITOR Greene actually said? Given Marge’s track record of using words that she doesn’t understand its hard to tell! The only voter fraud has been proven to be by republiQanons!

  4. Now, I am basing this reasoning on logic and that is probably not the greatest thing to use where Marjie Kooky Pants is involved, but if I wanted to still insist there is proof the Big Lie is not in fact a lie and divorce was either on the horizon or supposedly on the horizon, saying the other partner has custody of the “proof” would be an interesting and possibly effective ploy. I find it difficult to believe Kooky thought this up on her own but it is a tool to be employed.

    The success of this depends upon just how stupid the voters are in her district.

  5. Actually Jer husband is the one who.filed for divorce. She is being divorced, not the one doing the divorcing. Shows her husband is the smarter one.
    Now what about the grounds? “Irreconcilable differences” could contain “I can no.longer tolerate sharing my life with a,woman so.dumb she spouts lies,every time she speaks.” Could it be adultery with Matt Gaetz? Or have she and Bimboebert finally come out of the closet? Or is she hoping to.javecarnal knowledgeable of the Orange Orc? Margie, you are too old and nowhere near attractive enough to.be his type. He will.screw you and toss you outside… 😂😍😋🤗


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