It took him a while, but Donald Trump managed to complete the job. He has totally wrecked the Republican party. Or, perhaps more accurately, he provided the necessary catalyst for the party to wreck itself. This is a journey that the GOP has been on for some time. Richard Nixon exposed the fundamental hypocrisy of the Republicans and then they managed to shore things up for a while until things got out of control under Reagan and Bush Lite, what with Oliver North, Iran Contra, Afghanistan, an entire conga line of disasters.

But still, the guardrails held. Things could only get so crazy and then a semblance of normalcy would descend for a time. But now, since 2015, in the era of Trump, things have been so Bizarro World that the GOP is unlikely to recover from this. Why? Because there’s only so far out there that you can get and then you’re not a real political party anymore. No group of people calling themselves an actual political party can tout a standard bearer who is currently on trial in four different jurisdictions and moreover, is an adjudicated rapist who just had a monumental fine of $83.3 million assessed against him for defaming the woman he raped. This is a level of abnormal that a party does not bounce back from. Color the GOP gone.

That is the direction that things are going. Need to be further convinced? Tucker Carlson is over in Russia interviewing Vladimir Putin so that you can get “the truth” which is being kept from you by legacy media.

The tweet ends, “term for himself. Tucker and Elon and Putin will be poisoning America’s body politic with Russian and rightwing propaganda. And the rest of the rightwing media and social media machine will kick into high gear using (wittingly or not) Putin’s talking points to further undermine the public’s understanding of what’s actually happening in Ukraine, the Middle East and US domestic politics.”

Here’s more evidence, still. This is the stable genius admitting that he set up the GOP senators to tank the bill that would take care of both Ukraine and the border.

Nobody is going to step in. The Trumps are a true dysfunctional family. They’re going to normalize the situation and pretend nothing is wrong. And the GOP is also a dysfunctional family. They’ve normalized Trump and they will continue to do so. No matter what he does, they’ll sign off on it as normal.

They will never stop lying, obfuscating, cheating, doing whatever is necessary to make their Frankenstein’s monster a statesman and not some out of control creature on a rampage, wreaking havoc with our country.

Watch closely what happens this year. You’re going to see a once in a life time event. You’re going to see a major political party crash and burn because its ideas are so insanely out of whack with the times.

This is what happened with the Whig party in the mid-1800s. It fell apart of its own weight because its central premise, the expansion of slavery, simply didn’t fly anymore. Watch the GOP go the same direction. They are as out of touch on the abortion issue as the Whigs were on slavery.

Lastly, check out this last speech of Reagan’s if you want to see, side by side, what has happened to the GOP.

Trump was supposed to be the Second Coming of Reagan. It puts me in mind of the old expression, “all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice; the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Reagan may have been on the level, Trump has never been anything but farce. And so the Grand Old Party, knowing it’s its time to go, finds the tar pit, walks in and sinks.

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  1. There is little about Reagan I could agree with both while he was President and after, but on this issue he had it right. I think the small-town (Dixon, IL) midwestern part of him imbued a certain idealism that stayed with him. Unfortunately part of that included a deference to the ruling class of his early life, and he developed a belief that money, being “rich” or actually rich meant someone was wise and good. I don’t remember who wrote it but I recall someone saying the problem with Reagan and his politics was that he was too impressed by rich people. He was pen pals with plenty of regular Americans and from across the spectrum, and at times he seemed (and a handful have said he actually was) bewildered that these regular people were expriencing unfairness in their lives, because the political things he advanced (tax cuts, relulation rollbacks, union busting) would his advisors told him solve everyone’s problems. So he couldn’t understand why these people were having the problems they had! Anyway I think he genuinely believed these and other remarks he made on immigration. But I also know he had advisors who saw how a steady, renewable source of cheap labor from fresh immigrants benefited the bottom line of big business. Including and especially agriculture. Keep in mind how his policies forced so many family farms into bankruptcy, and a growing agribusiness swept in and scooped them up. Then created the “Food Inc.” system we’ve been putting up with for several decades now. Which, interestingly enough is one of the problems Biden is having on the economy. Yes, inflation is down but guess where people are NOT seeing drops in the price gouging that went on during COVID? Yep. At the grocery store!

    Anyway, I remember seeing that speech and had to admit at the time a sense of pride in being an American because of what the promise of this country was to the rest of the world back then. Now? The attitude is more along the lines of WTF happened to America? Maybe it’s not the place my parents told me if I was lucky I could someday move to and live a good life if I worked hard. So we have good people leaving, and others who might have come here and done great things taking a pass. It will take a couple of generations to be able to measure the appalling costs of what this iteration of the GOP has done when it comes to immigration.

    • As I like to tell it, the Renaissance was little more than the Middle Ages with lipstick, and the times we live in are little more than the Middle Ages with lipstick and smart phones.

  2. If Reagan cared so much about immigrants maybe he shouldn’t have funded an illegal military operation in Central America that allowed armed thugs to shoot and rape peasants. How many people ‘disappeared’ in Chile while we supported the thug dictator. He’s a phucking hypocritical liar. Only Alzheimers saved his sorry ass from jail. Oh yeah let’s not forget the deal he made with the radical in Iran to KEEP the hostages while Carter was dealing with the duly elected president to FREE the hostages. America…land of the self important morons…that’s how WE ENDED UP WITH TRUMP!

  3. The fact that about half the states, including two of the largest (Texas and Florida), have majorities that go along with MAGA nonsense is proof that our nation will continue to be in deep trouble long after Trump is gone.

  4. If you’re so damned in love with putin Bobo, please move to russia. It isn’t as if anything will stop you from doing so: your going to win election to congress again so just say bye-bye. lmao


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