I’m not a big fan of shelling out $6.00 for a cup of coffee, but you can serve me all of this Frappuccino you want:


“A US judge ordered Starbucks to reinstate seven workers in Tennessee who say they were sacked in retaliation for pro-union

It is a victory for labour regulators, who sued Starbucks over the sackings, arguing that restoring the jobs was key to prevent future labour violations.

Starbucks denies retaliation. It said it would appeal against the decision.

Judge Sheryl Lipman said regulators had presented enough evidence to suggest labour law violations had occurred.

She said reinstatement was “just and proper” whilst the claims worked their way through the judicial process, which can take years.“

Somehow, I don’t think these happy workers are worried about how long the case will take to conclude:

Way to go guys!

Right on!

Starbucks claimed the seven employees were fired for cause, gee… judge, it had nothing to do with union busting.

National Labor Relations Board lawyers argued otherwise.



Fetterman’s in the fight, you Starbuckers should just give up…


I gotta have one of these tees!

Congrats to the Memphis Seven, ya’ll are awesome!

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  1. Corporate America. While I, as CEO, make millions a year, with yachts & a house on the Vineyard, I expect YOU to work for peanuts & a coffee discount. Greed. Thy name is corporate America.

  2. Greed. Thy name is corporate America. Which is also why we are on the brink of extinction from climate change; why someone earning minimum wage that hasn’t been raised in years cannot afford to rent a home, let alone buy one; why a vehicle now costs what a home cost 50 years ago; why underfunding schools has brought us the most ignorant and dumbed down population in many, many decades; why we don’t have universal healthcare and hospitals charge $500 for a betadine wipe and a butterfly bandage. And it is most certainly why we ended up with a lying, conniving, immoral, ignorant and orange painted buffoon in the White House.


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