Politics, and especially elections are kind of like tossing a pebble into a calm pond. Once it lands, you get a series of concentric circles, with no way of knowing what the ultimate effect can be. And that’s the kind of fire the GOP is playing with right now.

The smart money is that the GOP will retake the House, but with a margin not much larger than the one the Democrats hold right now. Which is bad news for Kreepy Kevin McCarthy, since it would mean that he could only afford to lose 3-4 GOP votes in order to become Speaker. And the Freedom Caucus looks at him as a traitor to their cause.

But if the GOP does retake the House, the next 2 years are a foregone conclusion. The idiots will spend all their time passing useless show bills, threatening debt default, holding and endless series of House committee investigations into every Democrat who’s still breathing, and trying to impeach President Joe Biden. And unless Traitor Tot shocks the world by not running again in 2024, there’s no reason for them to change their churlish behavior.

But remember this. It was about 2 weeks before the election that Biden made a promise in a speech that he repeated on the campaign trail. He promised that If we held the House in November, and pick up 2 seats in the Senate, the first bill I’ll send to congress will be a bill to codify Roe v Wade, and I’ll sign it when they send it back to my desk. And that one promise may well be the GOP’s undoing in 2024.

Because the issue of abortion turned out to be every bit the driving election issue the Democrats hoped for, and more. After the Supreme Court ruling, as the summer wore on, many pundits and talking heads prophesied that the issue was actually cooling in the minds of women, as more pressing economic concerns took over. And nothing could have been further from the truth.

The gender gap between new voter registrations between men and women was striking. And so was the gap in early mail in and in person voting, as well as on election day. And impromptu polling of voters leaving the polls showed that women were wearing this issue like a badge of honor.

But it goes deeper. It was Kansas that started the ball rolling in June primary when voters turned out in droves to ensure abortion access remaining enshrined in the state constitution. This included a huge margin of GOP voters who bucked their party for an 18 point margin. And last night, in deep red Kentucky and Montana, voters appear to be on the cusp of turning back GOP efforts to remove abortion rights from the constitution. This isn’t just a Democratic women’s issue, GOP women are showing up to protect their personal bodily autonomy.

But why will women nationwide continue to stay white hot pissed over abortion for 2 more whole years? Elementary my dear Watson. Because the moronic GOP won’t let them forget it, in two ways. First, if the GOP takes control of the House, one of the first totally useless show bills that they’ll cast is one to ban abortion on the national level, which Biden will simply veto if it gets to him. But the GOP will definitely lay down that marker for their base. Second, GOP controlled state legislatures will spend the next 2 years rubbing womens noses in it by continuing to pass ever more insane anti abortion legislation. This issue isn’t going anywhere.

At this point, the best the GOP could hope for is that the Democrats retain control of the House and Senate, pass Biden’s bill, and let him sign it. Then they could go back to fundraising off of blaming the Democrats for being pro choice, and pissing in the punchbowl. But they never will, because they’re having too much sick, sadistic fun with this.

As we all know, there are some things in your life that you never forget. And for women, this is one of them. They aren’t going to shut up, they aren’t going to go away, and they’re not going to forget. They’ll just keep coming back until they get it right. After all, it took the GOP 50 years to overturn Roe. What makes them think that a whole generation of pissed off women won’t be in this for the long haul??

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  1. Yeah, no, I’m laying my chips on the Dems coming out with control of the House. Could be wrong, of course, but fact is we’ve been dominating in the tossup races thus far. We get three quarters of those left, another Republican dream goes down in flames.

  2. “Politics, and especially elections are kind of like tossing a pebble into a calm pond.”

    Yep, you get a ripple, not a wave.

    Or there is the reaction of a woman I know, ‘It’s not a red wave, it’s more like mid-term light spotting.’

  3. If the ‘pubes take the house, kevie will be speaker because they will put it in the only way they could–if you don’t vote for kevie, you’re going to get pelosi. While I am not sure if pelosi is going to compete for the title, the pubes will make good and damned sure their party thinks she will. Given the rampant stupidity making up the ‘pubes, he’ll have no problem getting the entire party behind him.

    All this depends on the ‘pubes taking control of the house and so far, it hasn’t happened.

  4. Great news!!! The reported demise of the amount of stupidity in the average voter was a hoax. We’re as stupid, greedy, and shallow as ever!

  5. From the very first Time I seen that they killed abortion, my reaction has been. Are they stupid? That was the one issue that could sink the whole Republican Party. Although it’s a sad moment in history because it was the one thing that could awaken the lethargic. That happening when it did will bring in the young voters. And they will vote to kick republicans to the curb. And all the young republicans groups on campuses aren’t going to be able to smooth that over. I seen some of those hearings on YouTube where they were trying to hammer doctors on abortion at live births and their other sick crap that happens to be illegal but we know it’s legal smegal to republicans. Not going to let something being illegal ruin a congressional hearing.


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