I must say, I didn’t know what to expect but I wasn’t expecting this. Sarah Hucky Boo Boo Sanders was tasked with the Republican response/rebuttal to Joe Biden’s stellar State Of The Union speech. Only she didn’t talk about it. She did not address or rebut one single thing that the president said tonight. Not one.

She did make a generalized comment, that she didn’t believe Biden, but she didn’t say precisely what he said that was so unbelievable — and that is the job she was there to do. “We are under attack in a left-wing culture war we didn’t start and we don’t want to fight. We have to salute their flags, while Big Tech colludes to strip away your right to free speech,” she said. I believe that’s a dig at LBGTQ.

Then she went into story hour and talked about going to Iraq on Christmas Day a few years ago. What that offered as rebuttal to President Biden’s speech, I have no clue. I can only conjecture that since she had nothing to offer with respect to what Biden said, that she could only tell old war stories form the Trump White House.

Yawn. “Sarah, you have a tough job,” a soldier told her. I’m sure he was big and strong and cried and called her Sir. “Sarah, we are in this together,” he said, as he ripped off a patch of some sort from his uniform and handed it to her — while she wept. Seriously. I’m not making this up.

“Our freedom is under attack and the America we love is in danger. President Biden and the Democrats have failed you.” How, she did not say. Then she recited the hoary old cliche that I remember from high school, “I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future.” No points for originality there.

Then she was done. That’s it. It was a short address, I would say short and sweet, but it was short and empty. It was a nothing burger. She made a few negative comments about how awful life is now under Democratic reign and mouthed a few talking points and then talked about herself. That.Was.It.

Incredible. The GOP is in worse shape than I thought. If Sanders’ message was that the United States should ban CRT, and get rid of words like Latinx and other such trivia and that is the new GOP platform, color them already gone. Sanders’ response was pathetic, which is in keeping with her career in public life so far. If it is in any way representative of the vacuum of ideas and leadership in the GOP, 2024 is going to be a nature walk instead of an election.

President Biden hit a lot of solid topics tonight, economy, Medicare, Social Security, junk fees, COVID, immigration, climate, the police, on and on and on — and we got a bedtime story from Hucky Boo Boo and that’s the best the GOP can provide?

I’m not saying we get cocky and stop working, I’m saying that this is much much worse than I thought. I honestly thought Sanders would come up with some kind of substance, and not make this appearance a vanity project. But maybe the simple truth is, nobody wanted to give the response, including her, and so she decided to turn it into a photo op. Another vintage Trumpian gesture.


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    • The inappropriateness of it is what struck me. Who CARES? If she had tied the anecdote to something President Biden had said, something about the military or Iraq in particular, then the story would have had meaning. But it was just a photo op for HER! That’s what floored me.

      Nobody wants to hear about her travels with Trump or what she’s doing as governor. This was supposed to be a rebuttal to Joe Biden.

  1. The part about the trip to Iraq made my stomach turn. Literally, I felt sick to my stomach. And the LIE about Trump calling a soldier “son” was pure Sanders. If nothing else it proves how full of bullshit she is. She actually expects us to believe that? Trump’s contempt for troops is well known. But she spent a couple of years lying for Trump (truly outrageous lies) and it clearly comes easily to her. She must have prepared for her speech by looking at her press conferences from her WH days when she LIED as easily as she breathed. Hell, she lied more often than Trump so many days! Sanders gave a tour de force lesson in lying.

    • I expected her to lie tonight about what Joe Biden said. I didn’t expect her to tell bedtime stories from the good old days with Trump on Air Force One.

      • What universe has spawned these creeps?

        The GOP apparently has a giant nothing burger on their hands … McCarthy the impotent, McTurtle, the quiet mouse in the corner, all the shit for brains spending hours and hours trying to sabotage our security, Social Security, and Medicare, cuts, not adding jobs and the American Pie, ‘Made in the USA’, stuff said by Biden, hitting the GOP with full arm length slaps … What the hell just happened?

        Boo Boo, was just that kind of mindless crap that shows how bad they really have become … We will take all this and run to the voting booths with our plans for success re-wired and re-enforced, Biden was a force they did not know how to respond to simply because the GOP has officially self-destructed …

        The PARTY OF NO has no future now, too many plus signs coming up on our side … all the things that are beginning to get done, cost real money, giving that money to the most wealthy for trickling down was one of the most disastrously miss-managed stupid moves by the Republicans ever …

        Popcorn is on the horizon, hang in there …

  2. George Santos verified her story. He was the combat pilot leading the mission. On the way they dropped bibles and jellybeans. They parachuted in and hucky laid hands on wounded soliders in the name of Jesus and soliders were healed. Praise the lord! George backs up everything. He swears on the good book. It’s a miracle!

  3. She told a long, rambling story about a trip to Iraq with Donald Trump. And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mention his name a single time. They’re all so terrified of saying the wrong thing and getting canceled by the extremist nut-jobs. It’s like watching bloggers on YouTube try to interview Russians on what they think about the war in Ukraine. Most of them are too scared of speaking up to say anything at all. SAD! MANY SUCH CASES! 😆

  4. Look, the silly twat knows about as much as the mango moron which is virtually nothing. Of course she will talk up some real or imagined trip. If she attempted to orate policies or platforms she would underscore the fact the ‘pubes have zero ideas, policies, etc.

  5. I thought the whole Iraq trip story was her pathetic, uninspired way of checking the Praise Military/Wave the Flag box on her bingo card of talking points. Bash Libs, POC’s/LGBTQ, Biden etc were other boxes she hit, as well as flaunt hypocritical religiosity, praise Daddy Huckster, and the ‘As a Mom’ line that is so popular these days with the self-righteous right-wingers trying to promote themselves as having superior knowledge about anything. She’s still an uninspired liar, has about as much empathy and emotional-depth as my dustmop, is an ugly human being. Why Arkansas chose to saddle themselves with this cow is a question in need of answers.

  6. The answer is they are murderous religious hypocrites like their ancestors who drug black folks out of their homes, raped the females of all ages, tortured, castrated and hung the men, and could be found sitting in church on Sunday listening to an illiterate preacher telling them ‘God’ approves of it all.


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