The GOP continues to split in two. The schism between MAGA and whoever is still a sane conservative is widening daily.

Mike Lindell, as well you know, is running for chair of the Republican National Committee. He confirmed last week, “it’s official” and “I’m all in,” to Steve Bannon. I don’t think Bannon would care if Lindell was trying to become the next pope, as long as Bannon can collect an ad fee and fill air time.

The Republican Accountability Project put together this gem and gem is the word for it.

Here are the possibilities: 1) Lindell wins the chair, and runs the GOP into the ground. That ought to be good for lots of laughs. Or, 2) Lindell loses, claims it’s yet another stolen election and we’re no worse off than we are now.

This is a win/win situation for us. I’m not sure what the GOP is going to do either way, but I guess we’re going to find out. They might be crazy enough to elect him. Just look at recent history. This may not be a joke. You could be looking at the next RNC chair, for real.


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  1. Free pillows for the entire caucus!!! They’re versatile. You can lay your head down to sleep. You can have pillow fights to decide the bills. You can place them over the face of the closest Democrat & press firmly to work both sides of the aisle. You can sit on them if you eat too many big macs and your hemorrhoids are inflamed. This is the start of great things!

  2. Ha. Yeah sometimes it’s fun to fantasize infiltrating the enemy camp to sneak around & cause havoc. Problem is I can’t stomach any of these fascists to even listen to them so my cover wouldn’t last long. Ha. Glad to know they know who you are. Keep up the good fight. Be sure to get your free pillow! Just now I wondered why he never made any in red with make America great emblazoned on it? Maybe he did make one for the catsup whisperer. Some people say…


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