Fools of a feather flock together. Game show host Chuck Woolery is spreading conspiracy theory to help Donald Trump and Trump happily retweeted it to his flock.

I guess it’s a question of whether America wants to believe that game show hosts are imbued with special knowledge, and they shall set us free from these wicked conspiracies — or, is the fact that there were 500 confirmed COVID-19 cases in March and now there are over 3,000,000 an indication of a pandemic? And perhaps these people who venerate Trump and Woolery could bear in mind that other countries like Italy or Korea don’t care about our election and they’re fighting the virus, too. Or, are they making up stories because they’re part of a worldwide conspiracy to get Donald Trump as well?

And for Trump’s part, of course it’s all about him. Trump finds himself inconvenienced by having to finally wear a mask and risk smearing his makeup and furious that COVID-19 is there at all to task him. It’s his “invisible enemy” and it’s only killing people to get back at him. These viruses are vengeful, make no mistake. Viruses must be Never Trumpers or Democrats. Where is a good MAGA virus when you need one?

Idiocy reigns while Americans die. How many of us are going to have to pay this steep a price?


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      • If by “FB” you mean “Facebook,” at least *that* option is trying to put a stop to the idiocy–not nearly as much as Twitter’s been doing but, then again, Facebook is not DELIBERATELY making up crap the way those other “sources” do; Facebook is primarily a, shall we say, “harvester” of news rather than an actual “news” source–it’s not like Facebook has tons of their own reporters and talking heads with their own dedicated programs to spread the lies.

        • I would like to see Facebook walk a different way. They let the birther conspiracy get totally out of hand, and the Russian bots in 2016 — I don’t even want to get started on that. Let’s just hope that Russian troll farms are not prominently featured in this election.

    • What frightens me, is how many innocent people are going to have to die, because Trump can’t handle this issue and he can’t delegate it? The exponential growth of cases in just four months is terrifying. But I hear people in the street, here in California, say things like it’s not real. I guess it won’t be real to them until bodies are stacking up on the sidewalks.

      • Did you actually write “he can’t delegate it?” What’s he been doing if NOT “delegating” it? It seems like everybody in the Trump Administration–and some not actually in it but still have “connections”–has been put forward to “lead the fight” except for Himself.

        Unless, I’m misunderstanding your meaning of “delegate” in this case. Usually, in business situations, when one “delegates” something, that generally means “passes it off to someone else to deal with.” And that’s how I read it–and Trump’s been doing nothing but “delegating” the COVID crisis (when he deigns to acknowledge its existence instead of just calling it a hoax or whatever).

        • Fair enough, I’ll define what I mean. Trump is very much at the forefront of COVID-19, fighting it in his way, which means dealing with it as a public relations problem, because nothing is real to him. It’s all about image. If he could truly “delegate” i.e. pass it off to somebody else in the administration — Fauci would be a good choice — and just leave it the eff alone, we wouldn’t be where we are, with 130,000 dead and new cases spiking. Such is my opinion in any event.

      • Just heard California is rolling back the reopening and going back to a modified shut down. All due to Trump and cronies shit show non response.


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