I suppose next Faux News will be saying that the 1st Lady, all 115 lbs of her, made the judge and Jury an offer they could not refuse.

It seems there is no lie too ridiculous to be exempt from deployment in Trump and Fox News’ continuous “I’m rubber and you’re glue” efforts to insulate drumpf from the consequences of his hideousness by attributing his total deficit of morals and character to every other sentient being on the planet.

To further that ambition “Judge” Jeanine Pirro and correspondent John Roberts used Fox vehicle “The Five” last week to intimate to their loony viewership that the extremely intimidating duo of Dr. Jill Biden and the President were using their concern and love for their once wayward child Hunter not in an attempt to foster his well being, but to send an intimidating message to the judge and jury that they were being watched.

You couldn’t make this stuff up, folks:

That’s exactly why they are spinning this…

You and me both, Roxane…









Open a fresh box, Jeanine.


These people are either completely compromised or completely nuts or both…

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  1. If she thinks that Jill Biden showing up at the trial is the White House leaning on the court, maybe she should consider what would happen if Don Jr was actually tested for drugs after one of his crazy online rants ,considering the number of guns he has and all the symptoms of someone out of his skull with coke (and not the liquid variety).

  2. By what can be read above that ‘Judge Box-O-Wine’ is nothing but a pathetic, compromised, one-eyed, bombastic, functional alcoholic … who’s only too willing to degrade and damage what’s left of the shell-of-herself standing and esteem, for all to see, in the public eye … for what and for why? What is it with her? Why is she allowed to be like that and do that, without appropriate offers of help, degrees of reprimand and or dosage of censure. Who knows. Someone does. In reality judge ‘Box-O-Wine’ persona, pretence and presentation is concurrently laughable, sad and embarrassing.

  3. So, how’s Jeanine going to spin the “mob tactics” claim to match the fact that, apparently, no one in the court room was intimidated in the least?

    Maybe she’ll get something a bit stronger than wine to help her figure out the new spin. (I’m sure Don Junior can help her out.)

  4. And here is today’s winner of the stupidest mother-f*cker in the world. don’t get too proud there Ms. Wines-a-lot, there will be a new winner tomorrow. It might be one of your co-workers so you can console yourself with that.

    dumb f*cking twat.


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