It’s getting nuttier in New York as expected. Donald Trump is under a gag order and it’s driving him insane. So to circumvent the gag order, he’s got surrogates from both chambers of Congress showing up and talking about how godawful unfair it all is. Today Mike Johnson took his turn in the barrel. He left a packed agenda in Washington to do Trump’s bidding in New York. He stayed in the courtroom less than an hour and came out and made a statement. The statement ended up inflaming Mike Lindell and that’s where the comedy begins.

Now Mike Lindell was not happy with Johnson’s performance and called Johnson “garbage” and then questioned his Christianity. Hey, Mikey, I got a wild revelation for you: neither you or Johnson are Christians. You’re evangelical wingnuts. I’m a real Christian, and I stopped wearing my crucifix years ago (as many people did) because we don’t want to be associated with your toxic sect. You are not, I repeat, not proselytizers of the faith of Jesus of Nazareth, the faith of inclusivity, tolerance and love. You’re a bunch of racist, gay-bashing, woman subjugating creeps.

Here’s Lindell’s dramatic critique of Johnson’s performance.

“Well, here’s Mike Johnson,” Lindell mocked, glancing at a note card. “This is really bad to Donald Trump. Oh, wait a minute, it says here I’m a Christian. Just hold on, let me look at my notes.”

“This guy has no passion for our country!” he said of Johnson. “He has no passion for our great real president! This guy has to go.”

Lindell insisted that it was “disgusting” for Johnson to use notes as a speaking aid.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on in our country,” he opined. “Donald Trump is a uniter of the people. All people are getting united because you know what?”

“The people have seen through this garbage of like Speaker Johnson up there saying, this was really bad,” Lindell added. “Really? You had to read that off your notes, Speaker Johnson, to tell you it’s a bad that’s up there? Pathetic, pathetic.”

You can hit the blue link above if you want to listen to video of this tirade. Lindell’s pathology is a unique one. He views the most divisive political figure in American history as a “unifier” of the people. It takes some profound mental gymnastics to arrive at that conclusion from nine years of evidence to the contrary.

In any event, the trial plays on and the surrogates show up.

The Washington Post reported Monday,

Trump’s surrogates are saying “the forbidden stuff for him.” They “have helpfully stepped forward to offer a timely and convenient service: lodging those same attacks, while appearing at the trial in support of him.”

“Republican lawmakers have appeared at Trump’s trial — even entering and exiting the courtroom with him — and proceeded to say precisely the kinds of things he’s not allowed to.”

Because the “kinds of things he’s not allowed to” say violate the gag order.

But according to the text of Trump’s gag order, he is “directed to refrain from”:

“Making or directing others to make public statements about known or reasonably foreseeable witnesses concerning their potential participation in the investigation or in this criminal proceeding; Making or directing others to make public statements” about attorneys “in the case other than the District Attorney,” “members of the court’s staff and the District Attorney’s staff, or the family members of any counsel or staff member” or “any prospective juror or any juror in this criminal proceeding.”

The prosecution has not indicated it will, but it could ask the judge to examine the “directing others to make public statements” portion of the gag order.

That will be the next step, shutting down the surrogates. The bottom line here is that these Republicans know, as they have known these past nine years, what a bum Trump is, but he’s their bum and since they don’t have anybody in the party that can get even 1/3 of the rank and file assembled under one tent, as Trump has with MAGA, they continue to enable him.

The GOP is helping to rip America apart. We are at a terrifying juncture in our history now. There’s only one thing that Trump says which is true and which we need to listen to: November 5, 2024 is the most important day of our lives.

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  1. Quite frankly when you’re on the outside looking in, you know, an objective observer, there isn’t one hell of a lot of difference between the rw xtians and the rest of the xtians. When it comes down to brass tacks, should the xtian nationalists take over our nation, when faced with the decision of whether you will do/say you’re their kind of xtian or you’ll go to an internment camp/prison/have all your money, land, home, etc. taken away (especially that last one)/etc. you xtians of any stripe will fall in line with what these m.f.’s tell you to fall in line with.

    The problem isn’t that the xtian nationalists will destroy our constitutional republic (tho’ they will), it’s that xtians who aren’t evangs won’t fight back to get rid of the scum. They will not join whatever revolution is necessary to take back the country. The xtians will do what the spineless have always done in the face of fascism-roll over and bare their bellies. xtians will do everything they can to protect whatever they can that is theirs–that is what americans do and always have.

    If we do not keep these ignorant bastards out of power this country will not exist. The U.S. will become Atwood’s Republic of Gilead. Those of us who are not xtian and won’t convert will leave as will the LGBTQ+ crowd, the atheist/agnostic crew, intellectuals, etc. I myself will haul my ass to another country when the nationalists take over. Starting over will be preferable to whatever those morons have planned for all who are not their type of xtians.

    • I don’t think (or maybe I hope) a good portion of Christians will oppose and rebel against the White Nationalist oppressors before it gets to the “internment camp/prison/loss of home and savings” point, and I believe (again, maybe hope) that the opposition will escalate to organized and armed resistance. The decisions will probably be made by my grandchildren, now in their 20s. I asked them about their opinion on the issue a while back, and they assured me they opposed the movement.


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