The governor of Florida is one strange dude. Politics, like every other walk of life, is filled with strange characters, but there is something beyond Paul Gosar, surpassing Jim Jordan about Ron DeSantis. He makes Louie Gohmert look normal. Not that DeSantis is stupid like Gohmert. No, he’s more like Ted Cruz, actually, in that regard. He’s got great book smarts, went to the best schools, he just has zero street smarts and can’t relate to other human beings.

But what sets DeSantis off totally in a class of his own is that he’s simply not suited for public life because he’s catastrophically uneasy around people and he’s simply terrible at public speaking and debate. It’s amazing that he got as far in politics as he did, but now it’s Peter Principle time and he’s way out over his skis. The Daily Show has some thoughts about what goes on in his head.

Now this part I absolutely relate to.

We’re with you, Ron. We are the Little Political Blog That Could, so we get the concept. Here’s where your reasoning falls apart, though. The Little Engine knew it was small, but thought it was big and brave enough to pull the load. The Little Political Blog knew it was just a fly speck in cyberspace but thought it could attract enough eyeballs to keep going. You, Ron, are not presidential material. You’re not even gubernatorial material, as is obvious from how you’ve mismanaged Florida. Everybody else on Planet Earth sees that but you.

I hope the Daily Show decides to do one of these on Vivek. I would love to know what goes on in that dude’s head. Is he looking to become a fixture on Alex Jones’ show? Or, one on Nikky Haley would be good. She’s reportedly dying to become Trump’s VP choice, Birdbrain and all. Back to Ron.

More mash notes to the governor.

My only wonder is how much longer will this go on? We know that Iowa is the big victory that DeSantis is counting on. So how much longer beyond that? Because even if he wins there and that’s by no means assured, what about New Hampshire? What about South Carolina?

When will he wake up? Or, is this going to come down to Trump and DeSantis battling at the GOP convention? Now that would be total Bizarro World. But maybe that’s where we’re going. What a shame Mad Magazine is out of business. A convention with Trump and DeSantis vying for the nomination is totally up their alley. I guess we’ll have to rely on The Onion for proper coverage.

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  1. There won’t be a need for a convention. Once tRump is crowned the nominee, no need. They don’t have a platform anyway. If they do get together, it’ll just be a free TV on public airwaves “Hour of Hate.” Cue up 1984 folks…


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