I already know I’m going to take my knocks in the comments, and that’s fine, just be respectful. But I’ve been at this for a while, and I’m going to have my say.

I wrote previously that the Democrats got the deal of the century with the gun control legislation, simply because they could run on it all the way to election day, and the 29 GOP incumbents who voted for the legislation can’t run on it at all! The Senators did it because they could with no repercussions, and the incumbent House members did it because they’re in tough suburban districts anxious for change.

My point is this. Right now, congress is on a two week recess, and BOY!, are they getting an earful. The Democrats are getting demands to do something about protecting abortion and gay rights. And the GOP is busy getting hammered about why they’re such soulless dicks about abortion and gay rights. They’re probably thinking they wished they had just stayed in Washington.

There is a very basic but striking dichotomy here. The Democrats are hearing their constituents demand that they do something about abortion and gay rights. It’s the opposite for the GOP, they’re stuck trying to defend their positions on these issues. And they can’t.

When they get back to DC, both the Democratic House and Senate need to go balls-to-the-wall. The House already passed legislation codifying Roe v Wade, so they’re fine. But they need to immediately begin to craft and pass legislation to protect both gay equality rights as well as gay marriage rights.

And on the Senate side, as soon as the Senate gavels back into session, Chuck Schumer needs to put a motion on the floor to amend the filibuster rule to allow reproductive rights legislation proceed on a simple majority vote. He needs to put recalcitrant Senators like Manchin and/or Sinema to put their names on the line. And who knows? If Collins and Murkowski are pissed off enough at Gorsuch and Kavanaugh for lying to them, they might just cross the aisle to save their Pro Choice creds. Either way, they’re on the record.

And when the House’s LGBTQ equality and protection bills get to the Senate, Schumer needs to put those immediately on the floor. Even if it means putting another motion on the floor to modify the filibuster to pass them on a simple majority vote. Because the critical thing right now isn’t necessarily passing the bill, it’s putting every single Senator on the record with their vote!

Because this is a no lose position for the Democrats. The Democratic constituency needs to see the Democratic incumbents and candidates fighting for these values. And the GOP can’t defend their positions. Tale my word for it, these two issues aren’t going anywhere between now and November. If for no better reason than because the Democrats won’t let them.

Look at it this way. Right now, approximately 10-12% of the US population is LGBTQ. And the bubbleheads on the Supreme Court just pissed off 52% of the voting population of the United States. And ya know what? Fuck gas prices and inflation, this just shot to the top of their list.

The House is a literal cornucopia of opportunity, but the Senate is ripe as well. Just look at that havoc challengers like Fetterman in PA, and Ryan in OH can do with this against GOP troglodytes like Oz and JD Vance. And what can challengers like the winner of the WI primary and Val Demmings do against Trump sycophants like Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio. And don’t even get me started about what an incumbent like the Reverend Raphael Warnock can do against a Crow-man anion like Walker.

Look, the GOP is going to keep the abortion issue front and center, simply by fighting each other to pass the most restrictive abortion bills. And the LGBTQ is paranoid for a very good reason, and nothing that the GOP is going to say or do is going to ease their tensions. Stand tall Democrats, and reap the benefits.



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  1. Yes. Don’t see anything wrong with your idea. Do the same with voting rights. They should also vote to ban from holding office under the 14th all the Republicans that voted against democracy and the US government in support of the insurrection. Bring on the fire. They should refuse to even talk to any Republicans about anything. Treat them like the disgusting traitors they are and let the press know at every turn that insurrectionist are not a legitimate part of the US government.

  2. Chuck and Nancy should have had the testicular fortitude to cancel the 2 week recess. THAT would have reaped untold benefits especially when the ‘pubes started whining about having to stay in D.C. Reproductive healthcare, sensible gun rights, voting rights and nailing the insurrectionists like Walter said above. That would have been the way to go now rather than in a couple of weeks.

  3. That’s so cute. You actually think the Democrats are capable of action.
    All I’ve seen out of them is fundraising requests.
    I hit Unsubscribe, then tag as SPAM.
    They will never see another dime or vote from me.


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