I went to bed last night after the same-day votes from Dekalb County, Georgia began to come in and made it clear that Reverend Warnock had secured his reelection bid and thus had made life a whole lot easier for Majority Leader Schumer and Senate Democrats to conduct business for the next two years.

Though I was elated at Warnock’s victory, at the time I shut MSNBC’s coverage of the race off, he was only leading by a sparse 1% of the vote 50.5% – 49.5%… hardly a resounding mandate.

But upon awakening this morning I read that the results from Fulton County had pushed that margin to almost 3 percentage points 51.4% – 48.6% and was somewhat comforted that the gains that Democrats had made there in 2020 seemed to be holding.

But Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s resounding defeat of Stacey Abrams just a month ago, by more than 7 points, should caution us that the state may not be reliably purple going forward and probably, though reluctantly, we may have to admit we owe a debt of gratitude to the Orangeutan for our success there both in 2020… and last night.

The fact that Herschel Walker made us all watch the results come in as closely as we did speaks to the strength of the hold drumpf has over his base – that through his will alone he could turn them out in such numbers to support such a supremely unqualified candidate.

But Kemp’s success against Abrams shows that Walker lost the support of sizable numbers of Republican and independent voters who could not bring themselves to pull the lever for a candidate so closely associated with drumpf, whom outgoing GOP Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska characterizes as “a clown trying to sell tickets to his circus.”

Time after time last evening, MSNBC’s guru of the election night video board Steve Kornacki pointed out that in the red counties of Georgia Kemp had won over Abrams last month by northward of 75% of the votes, Walker remained mired in the middle or lower 60s.

This reflects a strategy employed by Warnock’s campaign to great success:

And also demonstrates the ultimate electoral weakness of drumpf in purplish states – that some percentage of Republican voters, and probably a greater number of independents, will not support him or those in his clown posse in future elections.

The conundrum for the Republican Party is are there also some unknown number of supporters of Diaper Don that will not bother to vote at all unless their hero’s name, or those he explicitly endorses, is on the ballot.

How Republicans navigate these dangerous straits in the coming years will dictate their electoral success or failure.

But there is little doubt that drumpf, with his stupid support of MAGA sycophants like Dr. Oz, Blake Masters and Walker cost them any chance at recovering the Senate this year.

The only question to be answered is whether the cost to them is greater if they cut him loose or hold fast to him?

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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  1. Both the Walker loss and Kemp win confirms only the weakness of Trump. Walker was Trump’s pawn, Kemp wasn’t, hence the results. The complete negation of the “red wave” points to a crisis for the GOP that will worsen, whether they cut Trump loose or not.

  2. I saw an interview with a Walker voter, white female and she said that she didn’t want the dems to have too much leeway in legislation. She was concerned they would enact all sorts of harmful things. I don’t know if that belief comes from TFG or other republicans. It seems to me that is the sort of brainwashing we are up against.

    • That brainwashing has NOTHING at all to do with Trump. It’s forty effin’ years of GOP lies, lies and more lies. They successfully manage to make folks who actually have to do real work (as opposed to the trust fund babies and talking heads) believe the GOP will do more for the “common man” even as their policies (such as they are) do nothing but hurt the “common man.” They point out all the “unworthy leeches” taking money from the hard-working folks while diverting attention from all the welfare going to the big corporations.

      Trump just happened to be a culmination of those forty years, especially when it came to the lies. Remember that Trump could say one thing then an hour later say just the opposite and he’d manage to blame the media for “twisting” his words, when he wasn’t just accusing them of “fake news.”

      Oh, and Reagan’s doing away with the Fairness Doctrine didn’t help as it allowed the explosion of far-right wing bigots to spew their filth and lies without being required to provide opposing opinions and led to the creation of Fox “News” in the 90s.

  3. This why, the RW will not change for the better! As long as the GQP can widely “broadcast” their PROPAGANDA & Jerryrigg States, voter suppression & brainwashing will continue! The RICH Corp’ 1% invest in their “chosen” political puppets, making themselves richer & their shills! The Corp’ RICH blatant involvement, feeds the INEQUALITY, corruption & manipulate the Economy(price-gouging) for their benefit, NOT the good of the people!

  4. Joe you are on point. We are a watered down version of North Korea in the sense we also have a sizable population who do & think what the fearless lying leader tells them to do & think. The north Koreans have an excuse…they live under the thumb of a despot. We reportedly are ‘free’ & have access to the facts. But, make no mistake, NONE of these nazis would sniff power if the people in this country truly took the responsibility of voting & knowing what you’re voting for seriously. It’s the only way out.

  5. The other thing that helps (R) and hinders (D) is gerrymandering and unequal distribution of election resourcing.

    How long did the average (R) voter have to wait in line to cast their vote in some rural county compared to the average (D) voter in an urban county?

    That would be an interesting number.


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