This makes complete sense and harkens back to a time in our history when Richard Nixon picked up on the phrase Silent Majority. Reagan picked up on it later and it refers to a group of Americans who are not out there in the streets protesting but who are nonetheless sick of extremists and extremism and who will make their voices heard at the polls — and they already are.

In this era, oddly enough, the Republicans are the ones who are the extremists that the Silent Majority is fed up to the gills with. To be more precise, there are no more Republicans, only the MAGAs, who are currently running with Rs behind their names. Those are the extremists who hit the main stream news night after night. There is a growing abundance of evidence that the Silent Majority, circa 2024, wants them out. And you will see that in a moment.

But first, ponder what a flip flop this is. I was alive when Nixon was in office. I well recall that the so-called extremists were the college-aged hippies, of which I was one, and that but for the fact of us protesting the Vietnam war, burning bras, and what have you, America would be a law abiding and quiet place. Nixon’s Silent Majority represented law and order and normalcy, we were told. Unfortunately, nowadays the right has embraced a  “sexual assaulting, classified document stealing, insurrection leading, twice impeached, quadruply indicted, and once (so far) convicted felon,” and it’s a tad difficult to represent that as being normal or law abiding. The MAGAs have alienated the hell out of normal America and now here’s that evidence I promised you.

Earlier this week, you may have noticed, there was a special election in Ohio’s 6th congressional district, which runs from Youngstown to the West Virginia border. The Cook Political Report rates that district R+16, meaning a Democrat wins it about as often as Trump emits an untangled sentence. In 2020, Trump carried it by 29 points.

And Tuesday? The Republican still beat the Democrat—but by single digits. Michael Rulli, the Republican state senator who won the seat, spent $570,000. The Democratic candidate, an Air Force veteran who most recently worked as a waiter, spent $7,000.

What’s this have to do with the Silent Majority? I suspect maybe a lot.

If an amateur Democrat who couldn’t put two metaphorical nickels together can come within nine points of an experienced pol Republican in a district as scarlet-red as the Buckeyes’ jerseys, something is up. And this result is not an outlier. As Aaron Blake pointed out in The Washington Post, there have been six special congressional elections this cycle and the Democrat has outperformed in four of them, the Republican in just one. In the sixth race, Blake notes, the results (the Democrat won) closely mirrored the 2020 results, but “Democrats swung the results by double digits from the 2022 race for the same seat and flipped the seat blue.”

This is a pattern which has been building for some time. Trump managed to lose all the special elections, after he caused the loss of the 2018 and 2020 elections. Then the Republicans took another bath in 2022, which was supposed to be the year of the red tsunami. Pink trickle was more like it, if that. Well do I remember Kevin McCarthy’s face when his “40-seat majority” didn’t happen. Then of course his enemies in the conference did him in and that was that for old Kev. Kevin woke up too late. When he told Paul Ryan, “I think Dana Rohrabacher is on Putin’s payroll and so is Trump,” and Ryan told him, “Let’s keep that in the family,” his future was spelled out at that time.

So, a theory for you: Maybe, just maybe, there is an army of Americans out there who may not call themselves liberal or progressive but who are anywhere from sort of turned off to massively repulsed by MAGA. And while Trump and Fox News and Steve Bannon and Marjorie Taylor Greene and all the rest of them spend their days fulminating about America dying and hyping the authoritarian tsunami coming—talk that the mainstream media picks up and that dominates our discourse—there are in fact millions of Americans sitting quietly at home who detest these histrionic harbingers of hatemongering (a Safire-esque turn of phrase for you, since I mentioned Agnew).

They are out there. And they, I submit, are your new Silent Majority.

They’re not all liberal. But they definitely support abortion rights. They’re not rushing to join trans rights groups. But they want people to be treated with empathy and tolerance. They’re not reading gender-bending young adult fiction. But they recoil against censorship. They’re not socialists. But they want the government to do more for working- and middle-class people. They’re not Earth Firsters. But they believe climate change is real. They may still tell pollsters they’re wary of “big government.” But new interstates and bridges, and airport expansions, and new light-rail tracks, and expanded broadband access? They’re great with all that.

And most of all: They, just like Nixon’s old Silent Majority, seek normalcy, law and order, and someone to save the country from extremism. But in Nixon’s time, the extremism came from the left, while today it comes from the right. It’s the Trump right that attacks normalcy, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. It’s the Trump right that is lawless, as evidenced most obviously by the fact that all these Republicans are tripping over themselves to support a convicted felon to be the president of the United States. And it’s the Trump right that is extremist on just about every issue, from health care to foreign policy.
Right-wing media and MAGA are gambling that they can fool the Silent Majority into believing that Trump is a victim of a vast plot and not simply what the courts are showing him to be: a liar (62 verdicts that no, there was no election theft;) a rapist, (he was civilly found liable;) a fraudster (34 felony counts;) and three more criminal trials still in the hopper and waiting for trial.
MAGA is banking on America being stupid and gullible. And with good cause. Trump did fool a lot of people in 2016 and even more turned out to vote for him in 2020. But when does enough become enough? I think 2024 is when. I think that the circus show has gotten old and I don’t think that the Silent Majority wants an authoritarian TV game show host who is running from the law in the Oval Office.
I could be wrong. I was wrong in 2016. But it’s not 2016. Trump lost in 2020 because he proved what a disaster he was in the four years he was in office. He depends now on “misinformation and amnesia” to quote Charlie Sykes, to convince people that things were simply wonderful four years ago when 1.1 millon Americans died of COVID due to his gross mishandling of it.
Trump’s act is old and stale. He has nothing to offer America. And the only reason he is running to run the country that he tried to overthrow when he ran it before is because he’s running from the law. And everybody knows it.



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  1. There are only MAGApublicans now. And I want them GONE! Not just out of office, or out of politics, but GONE FROM MY COUNTRY!! If they cannot be deprogrammed, let Pooty have them!

    • And the MSM is only getting worse. More Biden is old stories, one more and I’ll have to remind them who had a birthday the other day, given to him by slobbering, drooling syncophants.

  2. I believe that you are correct regarding the silent majority. Most people don’t scream their political affiliations publicly, but the Republicans are going to be handed a mighty defeat. And it will come without histrionics or gunfire.

  3. I believe it will be American women who destroy MAGA. That’s half the country. And amongst the other half are plenty of men who detest scum like Trump and his sycophants, and who fervently support women’s rights.


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