There was more news today from the front of the J6 committee. An NBC News camera crew found former Trump Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, on his way into the committee hearing room. Mulvaney responded that he was there voluntarily, not under subpoena, and that he planned To tell the truth.

Mulvaney is potentially a godsend for the committee as a cooperating witness. Let’s be clear. Mulvaney was a dyed-in-the-wool Trombie. And he stayed that way, a true believer, until, according to his own words, the Cassidy Hutchinson testimony before the committee. Mulvaney later said, I have always been a supporter of Donald Trump, and supported his agenda. Until Cassidy Hutchinson testified that Trump knew that some of the protesters were armed, and then sent them to the Capitol anyway. That crossed a line for me.

In order to keep your faith intact, make sure it stays unsullied by fact. The scales have fallen from Mick Mulvaney’s eyes. Which makes him a formidable witness before the J6 committee.

Which is leaving me confused. After all, Mulvaney was ousted by Trump, or to hear him tell it, he resigned in March of 2020, at which time Trump named him his Special Envoy to Northern Ireland. Mulvaney resigned in the fallout of the Capitol riot.

So why is the J6 committee deposing Mulvaney? I mean, it’s not like the Special Envoy to Northern Ireland lives in Ireland or anything. He’s in Washington collecting information, and travels when necessary. But at the same time, in his role, Mulvaney was unlikely to be in on any of the serious planning leading up to the Capitol riot.

Here’s what I don’t get. What is the J6 committee looking for from Mick Mulvaney? He was out as COS 8 months before the election, and I have seen no J6 evidence or public reporting that Mulvaney was any kind of a power player after his demotion.

Mulvaney’s testimony today makes no sense unless the J6 committee has uncovered something that makes them want to look farther back. After becoming the Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, Mulvaney reported to Mike Pompeo, and it was with Pompeo that Mulvaney submitted his resignation on January 6th.

What the hell was the J7 committee looking for today with Mulvaney? In her closing argument on the last prime time hearing, Liz Cheney said that Witnesses are coming forward, and the dam is breaking. Which can only lead me to believe that the committee has uncovered more past sins, and they’re following the facts wherever they may lead. Which is critical, since even if the J6 committee can’t use it, it may be more bread crumbs for the DOJ to follow. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Well, one thing he may be able to provide the committee is examples of TFG coloring outside the lines so they can tailor legislation to shut down that as a possibility again.

    • True…But again, that’s more evidence that the committee is looking farther and farther back to compile the criminal conspiracy…

  2. Here’s your answer, Murf:

    Mulvaney sounds like a first-class idiot. He says that the committee is biased but they elicited the same information they would have elicited if they hadn’t been biased. So what evidence is there that they are biased?

    Nevertheless, he does have information the committee wants, and he shared it with them. And he would have given them exactly the same information if they HADN’T been biased. Or something.

  3. Once the rats figure out that they are going to prison for conspiring to overthrow the government, they start talking. Thats how the gutless, spineless and the stupid roll.
    Mick is going to prison and he knows it.


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