You have to hand it to the obdurant Orangeutan, when it comes to his own grievances, nothing, not even the violent assault on the husband of a political opponent, by one of his deranged acylotes who mind was eaten alive with conspiracy theories significantly of drumpf’s own creation, will deter him from his single minded mission to obfuscate the obvious by applying heaping shovelfuls of horseshit upon fact.

If that tactic had not worked out for him so deplorably in the past, I would marvel at his stupidity.

After all that has occurred in the past six years, however, I almost have to grudgingly admire his single minded diligence.

Still, a word or two spared from his voluminous output of ass-covering attempts to lie his way out of consequence for his crimes, to remind his followers that Nancy and Paul Pelosi are human and deserving of even a tiny bit of compassion from their small reservoir of decency, might help to assuage the violent passions of his mob of frenzied followers.

Instead… more lies to rile up the crazies.

You can both say that again.

As they should.

It didn’t happen to him, Leasha, so it didn’t happen.

When there are finally consequences, he might stop.


🙏 🙏 🙏



Of course.


You would think.


That’s a new one. Born of desperation, no doubt.

Bunker syndrome.


No, Joe, he won’t.

He will keep stoking hatred and violence as long as he is able.

Or, enabled as the case might be.

Huh, Elon?

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  1. The degradation of what is left of Trump’s original two,(2), brain cells, one to remember how to order from Burger King, and one to remember which arm works best to throw ketchup-saturated meals at the walls … Is nearly complete …

    His antics speak volumes of fear and a fast collapsing security feeling, while, “At home”, in Mar-O-Golf … His exit strategy seems to be slobbering whines while grabbing at anything he can reach as his escort crew provides support for a a cuffed and chained old man, moving him towards the front door …

  2. Aren’t there anymore tools lying around? Seems someone could use some cranium adjustment. Anything would be an improvement for a brain riddled by rabies & slobbering at the mouth.

  3. Apparently, the tool of choice this month for magats is a hammer. That said, everyday there’s a new ‘Greatest Witch Hunt in American History’ for him to snivel about. There’s certainly a pile of those stacking up now. Which witch hunt wins the title??? I dread if Elon lets this fool back on Twitter. It’s bad enough how much of his whining and whinging we have to listen to now. It’ll be non-stop if he has a better platform. UGH!

  4. So, he tried the case in the court of public opinion and considered it over. Except that isn’t reality and reality keeps intruding on his fantasy world. tsk tsk tsk

  5. I guess he forgot about Ken State’s investigation that was,supposed to be about Clinton’s Whitewater deal, then rambled off into non-criminal consensual. sex with Monica Lewinsky during which we learned more about the shape of Bill’s dangly bits than anyone cared to.know. Bill ran again in the midst of Kenny Boy’s extremely prurient interest in his sexual.hijinks. Bill won.
    (And let is recall.that Starr when at Baylor covered up sexual.assaults by athletes, so I guess non-existent sexcrimes by a,Dem matter more than actual believable crimes of sexual assault by athletes,at an evangelical college. Says everything).



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