That thunderous sound that you hear is the roar of tiny Trump thumbs pounding a phone keyboard over and over and over again, in mad frenetic crescendo, demanding that somebody, some.body, goddamnit, get him out of this mess with the Georgia grand jury and whatever the hell they really said, because it wasn’t what Trump said that they said, and now he looks stoopid! Again!

Yes, not only are the lefties laughing uproariously, so is anybody who can read plain English. Or, recognize plain psychosis. Of course Trump would think that anything that the Georgia grand jury would say would be all about him and exclusively about him, that’s all he thinks about, so why should they be any different? Unfortunately, that’s not what they were there to do. They were there to decide whether chargeable offenses had taken place and in no way were their opening remarks on no fraud being found in the Georgia election process in 2020 meant to be construed as Donald Trump conducted himself in a perfect manner and was completely exonerated.

Now, to add a special tinge of nuttiness to the proceedings is none other than Alan Dershowitz, in an interview on John Solomon’s mis-named right-wing rag, Just The News. Hint: Anything But the News would be an accurate title.

Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said it was unconstitutional for a Georgia judge to release parts of a Fulton County special grand jury report looking into efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to challenge Georgia’s 2020 election results.

“It’s a terrible legal process,” Dershowitz said on the Thursday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “The Constitution provides for the grand jury to be a safeguard against false indictment. It’s in the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.”

Five pages of the report, including its introduction and conclusion, were released following county Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney’s order earlier this week.

Dershowitz said that legal decisions like this cause serious problems.

“Grand juries’ conclusions are not worth the paper they’re written on,” he explained. “They’re only usually charging documents. It’s a serious problem when grand juries make announcements like this without having given the opportunity of due process for those who they accuse.”

And of course Dershowitz has to ring in on this being part of the “Witch Hunt and Hoaxes” that Trump rails about later on Truth Social, the Hitch Wunt and Woaxes, whatever the hell they’re talking about. It’s not supposed to make sense. It’s supposed to confuse, obfuscate and bluster, which is the posture that people who are in the wrong with no viable argument and no facts upon which to base one, take.

Dershowitz explained that whether someone is Democrat or Republican, it should be an area of agreement that everyone is entitled to civil liberties.

“You have to separate politics, whether you support or you don’t support a candidate from all of us having our civil liberties denied, in the name of trying to get Trump,” he concluded.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have now read the textbook example of what a nothing burger is. Bookmark this. Leave a copy of it in your will, so that your descendants can know what the phrase means as well. Even Alan Dershowitz is running out of gas and he used to be good for several blocks of lost meandering and a couple of spectacular backfires, before breaking down altogether, with steam pouring out from under his hood. Those days are gone.

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  1. I’m convinced in my bones this ugly muther fucked underage girls brought to rape island by his buddy Jeffrey. He should be in jail not spewing his lies and smoke to assist a nazi loving traitor. Alan you are proof that some Jews are modern day capos. You should be ashamed to look yourself in the mirror, but we already know you aren’t capable of shame. I know Hell isn’t a place known to Jewish theology. I hope they’re wrong about that one. If anyone deserves it…you do.

  2. “It’s a serious problem when grand juries make announcements like this without having given the opportunity of due process for those who they accuse.”

    But the judge saw to it that the portions released did not name anyone, so no foul, no premature accusal.

    IANAL, but even I can see that. Dershowitz must be losing it.

    But just wait, folks. There were 6 pages of names withheld. Six wonderful pages that will turn into indictments. Goody, goody. Fani, you go girl!

    • My take on this is that Dershowitz needed to show up and say something, so he did just that. He said “something.” Whether that something makes any sense is a completely different issue.



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