So far it has been a bittersweet night, the complete collapse of the Democratic Party in Florida and Beto’s loss in Texas are painful to be sure, but not entirely unexpected, on the other Democrats are holding their own in the contests to control both the Senate and The House at this hour and there is news from Western Colorado that is sure to make your blue heart skip a beat…

Denver Post

“The race between incumbent U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and her challenger Adam Frisch for Colorado’s massive third Congressional District is too close to call as election officials continue to count ballots.

As of 8:28 p.m.e, Frisch, Democrat of Aspen, had pulled ahead of Boebert, Republican of Silt, 53% to 47%, the Secretary of State’s Office reported. So far, 230,220 votes had been counted, more than 47% of the district’s 487,094 registered voters.”

And, as you can see from my top pic Frisch’s lead has only grown.

Frisch ran aggressively against Boebert’s empty headed, confrontational style.

“Frisch garnered major national attention and even surpassed the deep-pocketed Boebert’s fundraising efforts in recent weeks. His strategy lay in his measured approach, regularly calling out the congresswoman’s divisive statements and noting whenever she was traveling the country rather than meeting with constituents in Colorado.

The former Aspen City Council member regularly called Boebert a member of the “anger-tainment” industry and criticized her for not passing any legislation in her first term. One of his most-repeated lines during town halls and debates stemmed from Boebert’s fixation on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: “I’m Adam Frisch, not Nancy Pelosi,” he’d say.“

What a pleasure it would be to never post about Bo-Bo again…

At this hour Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Kelly in Arizona and Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin are all running strong races and while the Republicans have flipped 5 House seats the Dems have snatched a few away from the GOP as well, including Boebert’s.

Will post more tomorrow but right now it’s looking like a good night.


    • 1. too many old rich white people retire to Florida.
      2. Florida’s Cuban community is still mentally stuck in the Cold War era.
      3. hurricane damage disproportionately affects lower income areas, and disrupts polling places, and DeSantis only helped Republican counties with the problems which ought to be illegal.
      4. other? the Democratic party in FL is a disorganized mess.

    • If I remember correctly there were some articles (in particular some over on DK) some years back addressing shall we say “issues” with FL Democratic Party entities. Poor, uninspired leadership in many counties and even suggestions of cooperation with their local GOP counterparts. Sort of a “the GOP has a lock on this state and it’s better to go along to get along” type of attitude and way of operating. All that might or might not be true. But if there’s even some truth to it then it puts the DNC in an awkward position given how many electoral votes FL has. But sometimes it does seem to me like even the DNC has, if not written FL off then figured it wasn’t worth the effort to put real resources into a major shakeup down there. I know, Demmings raised a LOT of money and was I believe a good candidate. But the trend in the largest county (Miami/Dade) has been steadily going Red for several cycles now and if someone from FL who knows things down there wants to speak up then great. But if the DNC or state Democratic officials have been more or less throwing up their hands then something’s gotta change.

      • FL has gone the way of Mississippi and there probably is no hope of turning it around. My thought is stop wasting money on it. Tim Ryan in the OH senate race had a chance and the national party didn’t get behind him enough (at all?). I wonder how much this was due to them wasting money in FL and places like TX? Those two states are going to have to fix themselves and the national party apparatus needs to spend money on winnable races. There was no reason for OH to go to Vance and if the national funding people don’t get their heads out of their asses, states that shouldn’t be red at all, will get a hell of a lot redder.

        I’m watching MT become another MS. Instead of allowing the cons to scream, unopposed BTW, “they’re going after your guns” 24/7, the dems needs to be screaming “they’re going after your hunting and fishing rights and lands, they’re taking it all away by selling the land to wealthy interests and closing it off….oh, and by allowing climate change to kill off all that you hunt and fish”. I see zippo democratic messaging up here and there is very little dem/progressive funding being given where it is needed: at the state level. The dems are blowing their horns and cheering because the ‘pubes do not have a super majority in the legislature. Are you fucking kidding me?

        Oh, BTW, how much national money did Mr. Frisch get? He should have been able to get her tossed out on her ass just emphasizing what a horse’s ass she is by blitzing the airwaves, etc. For this particular race to be so close after seeing just how fucking stupid that broad is indicates to me that Mr. Frisch had insufficient help from the national party folks.

    • I know what WILL be wrong with Florida in a few years. The ocean is going to reclaim all that swampland and the state will decay to Alabama levels of devastation.

  1. Gratifying though the wins may be and as heartbreaking as some of the losses are, perspective, please. The goal was to hang onto what we had in Congress. Any defeats like Boebert were always going to be a bonus.


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