The Georgia Runoff Election Results Usher In the Dawn of a New Era for America


You know how you’re always being told to never rely on early results as a predictor of final outcomes? Well we passed that stage with the Georgia runoff elections with dizzying speed. Let’s take a look at how this remarkable day unfolded.

The first indicators I saw were from Dave Wasserman, U.S. House editor of the nonpartisan organisation, The Cook Report. He was analysing trends and posting them to Twitter.

So that was good news.

The other trend emerging was that turnout in notably republican counties was down to 83-88% against November turnout which sounds a lot until you look at the blue counties…

He added that Macon County is 61% black but even so, 91.8% of November turnout is pretty high for runoff elections. So how were other counties doing?

Wow! 97%! No wonder Wasserman was using astericks to highlight the number.

Even in mid-sized counties, where results were much closer, both Dems were pushing their way to the front.

Washington Post reported that preliminary exit polling found:

Both Republican Senate candidates have support from more than 9 in 10 voters who backed [LOSER] Trump in November, while they each win more than 8 in 10 conservatives and White evangelical Protestants. But Democratic candidates show similar strength among their key groups, with both Warnock and Ossoff winning well over 9 in 10 voters who backed [WINNER] Biden in November, as well as about 9 in 10 Black voters.

That was very good news.

GOP underperformance and Dem overperformance finally led to the first big announcement:

 Business Insider Calls GA Race For Warnock Against Loeffler!

Washington Post followed with their runoff announcement:

Attribution: Washington Post


Among my favourite responses to Senator Warnock’s runoff win were these:

Gotta love the forward thinking here from Rhonda and my dear friend, Juli!

Well said, Pablo!

But for me, this was the most moving of all.

Then all eyes turned to the other runoff — could Ossoff make it a clean sweep?

and counting…

still counting…

That’s a difference of 12,806.

It began to feel like the Fates were finally looking in our direction.

Amen to that.

This morning Jon Ossoff leads David Purdue by 17,025 votes in Georgia — a margin even greater than Biden’s win over Trump in the November election. Several outlets have already called the second runoff for Jon Ossoff. His lead has increased to 0.4% which is under the recount threshold of 0.5% but there are still votes being counted, most notably in blue counties.

Even if there is a runoff recount, a 17,000+ vote lead is going to be next to impossible for Perdue to overcome. The most missed votes that recounts generally find are a few hundred and they’re likely to go to Ossoff anyway, just as they did to Biden in the two presidential recounts Georgia held.

Reactions to Ossoff’s projected runoff win include this advice to Perdue from the three brothers at

From the irrepressible Ted Lieu:

The wonderful Katie Porter:

So many were saying it with her, it was trending on Twitter!

Dr Jack Brown’s sentiments also resonated far and wide:

At last, the future we see holds the promise of compassion, kindness and goodness.

Let the good times roll! As Bernice King said, “This is the dawning of a new day.”

The last word goes to the incoming Senate Majority Leader:

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    • That’s definitely the aim: write honest, accurate stories my readers will enjoy! Among other positives, 2021 should be about spreading more joy in the world. We’re all desperately under quota after suffering through the last 4 years.

  1. So, Mitch…think maybe you should have handed over that $2000 after all? But yeah, this one’s done. Georgia has stepped into the 21st Century with this pair of runoffs. Much love from your neighbor in TN!

  2. Wonder which country the trumps will broadcast from? U know. Those run by corrupt dictators that never hand over criminals for prosecution. Fun to watch moscow mitch mumble his way through his attempt to wash his hands of the cult HE created. Can’t wsit for Kamala to stride in to do a thumbs up or down. Yes, Georgia, there is a Santa Claus thanks to you. Turns out her real name is Stacey, & she loves the redeyes of the racist republikans. Happy phucking new year donald.


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