Oh God, how long will this insufferable buffoon be among us? How many more months, days, minutes? And of course it’s not just him, it’s the Trojan horse of malefactors that he brought with him into government and which have taken hold in our politics and public sphere like cancerous barnacles.

Donald Trump issued one of his statements again today. And, as usual, he revealed more than he should have.

After people stopped gasping and laughing, they began tweeting. Here is George Conway’s take and it is priceless.

He’s hanging Mike Pence out to dry again. That should make their dual appearances at the Republican National Committee conference in March in New Orleans especially droll.

This is all Mike Pence’s fault, in Trump’s mind. If Pence had only broken federal laws and rather than acting as the Master of Ceremonies during the certification, had instead committed treason by substituting the fake electors as real and gaveled in Trump as the winner of the election, then all would be hunky dory in Trump’s mind.

We will never know what would have happened if Pence had lost his marbles, not to mention smashed his moral compass beyond the condition it was already in after five years of association with Donald Trump. We can only speculate.

One possibility is that General Milley or somebody else in the chain of command would have overridden Pence and stopped the proceedings. We do know, only, that a constitutional crisis of unprecedented magnitude would have occurred. Pence saw the insane position he was being put in and refused to go along with it, and for that sin his penance is to be the MAGA Benedict Arnold, booed and reviled wherever he goes.

And it was a good idea for Pence to fear going along with Trump’s insanity. I have gamed out the possible scenarios of Pence playing the evil part that was improvised for him and I have envisioned possible assassinations or assassination attempts, Trump holing up in the White House declaring himself the winner and attempting to declare martial law and the military refusing to carry out an illegal order, Nancy Pelosi taking over as President. Who knows? We will never know and thank God that’s the case. Bear in mind, this was so nuts that even Kevin McCarthy was begging Trump to stop and blaming him for the insurrection later, before he decided to roll over and play dumb. Even Lindsey Graham jumped ship before later coming back into the fold.

But I’m sure it had to cross Pence’s mind that if he crossed the bridge into total illegality that he was opening himself up for God knows what reprisal. Paradoxically, Pence’s weakness on this occasion turned out to be his strength. He was afraid, and rightfully so, to go out on terra incognito and risk the consequences.

And maybe there would have been none. Maybe Trump’s coup d’etat would have been successful. Again, this is all speculative at this point, and we will never know. Maybe the Russians would have taken over just as Khrushchev predicted in the 50’s, without firing a shot. Certainly that was Vladimir Putin’s wish. And we could be living under a dictatorship right now, a colony of Russia.

How the mind reels.

In any event, Trump isn’t finished. He actively called for troops in Texas Saturday night and promised to protect them. This is where we are in 2022. But at least George Conway made it clear what is going on — not that it sunk in.


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  1. In 2000 we (Democrats) allowed the SC to illegally stop the counting of votes in Florida. They should have kept counting through whatever means and then installed Gore as President. In 2020 would they have gone along with any of this coup if Pence had played along? Why would they? Just swear in Biden on the 20th and refuse to lend legitimacy to any of the traitor trash games. The activities of the 6th are little more than a show and if the Republicans chose to show their true colors, the so be it.

    • “We” didn’t “allow” it. The GOP didn’t even allow the Florida courts, whose jurisdiction it is, to hand down a decision before taking it to the Supreme Court, without even going through the lower courts. SCOTUS should have refused….but there are justices who *wanted* Bush to win.

  2. If deadly push comes to shoves, with blows and bullets, in the air, NO ONE will win …

    The blind, red capped idiots out there, have no perspective vision to the horrors of a real civil war … during the biggest loss of life ever in a clash of rhetoric and slavery rights in the US, the mayhem was catastrophic, bodies everywhere, blown and hacked to pieces … pools and streams of blood …

    I think if all these goons saw a family member get their head exploded by a military style weapon, rather than gallon jugs of water out on the shooting range, their glee at pulling the trigger on one of these AR-15’s would be a step into madness that would ruin their lives forever … “close to home actions”, would become the norm. walled up, survivalist compounds would become normal … this Nation would collapse into barren land and the stench of the GOP actions would be complete …

  3. “Semi-literate”? Oh, that’s being way to nice and it is entirely incorrect. The buffoon is about as literate as the orangutan he so resembles.

      • True that. I saw a documentary on PBS several months ago showing a female orangutan actually picking up a saw and making a stab, a good try in fact, at sawing. Mind you, no one was showing her how to use it either. Kind of neat.

        That female primate showed considerably more intellectual curiosity than former guy and I doubt she’s an outlier.

  4. The fat natzi has no future.
    Just like the rest of the ratfuckingpubliCLQWN party.
    They failed to overthrow the government and must be dispatched to the other world….

  5. It’s frightening that our country is in this shape . I worry about my grandson and what it’s going to be like for him . Those idiots in the Republican party not only don’t care , they’re crooks ! It’s all about money …


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