Nothing says that you are in command of the Wing-Nut Schlock Division of the MAGA Grand Armee in it’s 100 year crusade against the Government’s Godless Hoards of false narratives like appearing on Lindell TV to fluff his ‘My Pillows’.

That, as we used to say back during the big one in ‘Nam, Mike, is like fucking to save virginity…

But do go ahead, traitor,

I know you have pillows to sell…


If TFG gets back in, Flynn will be SecDef🙄🙄🙄

I like that “dying to beat the libs” tactic,
They should all deploy it.

I pick Garfield for my fighter, JZ…



💯 💯 💯

It’s OK if Republicans do it, Dogstar, are you Sirius?


Well, duh.

Some one give this guy a Silver Star:

Got my vote.

Unfortunately, BetaYouth, and still selling sedition.

Thanks to Ron Filipowski for slogging through those right-wing brain so we don’t have to.

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  1. I’m old enough to remember protesting the Viet Nam war and being called a traitor and told it was our country and to LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. We protested with flowers and placards not automatic weapons. We wanted to end a bogus war not overthrow the government.
    I wish we could round up every last fcking one of them and ship them off to Siberia so they can live under the dictatorship they so desperately crave.

    • Me too. You know, along with the black activists, we are the reason tens of millions of citizens have been arrested for cannabis, as the protests against Nixon is the reason he placed cannabis in schedule 1. Fact. And an indictment against the voters & the law since 1970.

  2. it’s lucky for Michael Flynn that he was just a white man selling out his country and lying to the FBI about it and ‘joking’ about assassinating people, and not, for example, a black man selling loose cigarettes on a street corner, because there are serious consequences for that

  3. I like that “dying to beat the libs” tactic,
    They should all deploy it.

    Well, Trump himself suggested not only shoving a UV light down the throat or up the ass, but also drinking or even injecting a little bleach! Now consider those folks in (coincidence? I think not) Trump loving places that handle poisonous snakes in church to “prove their faith, that they are special with their Jeebus.” See where I’m going?

    Flynn was never spec ops but he’s surely asshole buddies with ole Erik Prince (lest we forget, Prince is Betsy Devoss’ brother!) so perhaps he should put out a video on how (spec ops people are trained for this) to give one’s self an IV – in this case with a jug of bleach so the “True Trump Believers” can prove their worthiness!

  4. This is a retired general. I am finding it very hard to believe the military cannot do anything to a retired member fomenting treason. Aren’t military retirement benefits contingent upon the retiree not becoming a criminal? If not, why not?

    Just as an aside, this asshole is fomenting treason. Why in the hell isn’t he in a penal institution awaiting his day in court…and then in said institution for a very long time?

  5. Obama fired Flynn because everyone working for DoD hated him. He was a ,loud-\mouthed bully who destroyed morale. Not a fan of John Kelly but he was at least competent and tried to.keep!Trump somewhat contained along with Miley and he wasn’t universally clothes by the white house staff.
    Flynn should lose his damned pension.


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