Merrick Garland has really brought his A-Game. I wrote yesterday that the DOJ had no choice but to appeal traffic court judge Aileen Cannon’s moronic ruling. But I was talking about the DOJ appealing it to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

It turns out that Attorney General Merrick Garland is much more Machiavellian than I gave him credit for. Oh, he filed an appeal alright, but not to the 11th Circuit Court. Instead, the DOJ filed their appeal in Judge Cannon’s court, asking her to stay her own ruling when it came to the FBI and DOJ being able to continue to investigate the confidential documents, based on national security concerns. Namely, the US intelligence agencies couldn’t conduct their damage assessment if the FBI and DOJ couldn’t participate. If she doesn’t accede in the next week, then the DOJ will take their appeal to the 11th Circuit Court.

Folks, this is pure, unadulterated evil, and I’m in a position to know of which I speak. I’m 65 years old, born and raised in Chicago. In my formative years, judicial corruption in Chicago and Cook county wasn’t the exception, it was the rule. And the rule was simple. Let the mob, or other well connected lawyers make some Byzantine, complicated, ephemeral legal argument in court, rule in their favor, and wait for the cash stuffed envelope to follow.

But the simple fact of the matter is, Trump’s Florida LAWYERS are too goddamn stupid to make complicated, Byzantine arguments a judge can wrap up in. Which left it up to judge Cannon to sit in her chambers and craft a ruling where she did the heavy lifting of making Trump’s lawyers case for them. And her end product has been universally panned by the legal community as the judicial version of the poem The Jabberwock.

Garland’s appeal is legally flawless. Small claims court judge Cannon can either take the bitter pill, reverse her own ruling, and allow the FBI and the DOJ to resume a national security criminal investigation, or she can sit down and write another long, rambling, incoherent response defending her original ruling, which the 11th Circuit Court won’t touch with fire tongs.

The more I see of the Merrick Garland Justice Department, the more I admire the consummate skills that both he and his attorneys bring to the table. Garland has nicely boxed her in. Either reverse her moronic ruling, or face the humiliation of an overturn by the 11th Circuit Court. But there is a bright side for her. If this whole federal court judge thing goes south for her, maybe she can get a daily slot on FUX News version of Judge Judy. 


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  1. I missed this article earlier but at the end you said something that occurred to me as well. Given how much she screwed the pooch (and I still say even her Federalist Society handler told her not to do what she did) she realized her career as a federal judge is going to be stalled right where it is. In a backwater court, with even GOP colleagues on the bench unwilling to be associated with her. So, at this point maybe she’s committed to making a “bigly” show of being all-in on protecting Trump in the hopes that maybe Faux Nooz will sign her to a much higher paying gig. Hell, they might be looking to dump Judge Jeanine at this point so a slot might wind up being open sooner than anyone thinks!

  2. Perennial reminder: but for Mitch McConnell, Garland would be sitting on the Supreme Court right now. People like that typically know the law inside and out.

  3. pretty dicky takedown of the thousands of municipal judges who, like myself, make good and considerate rulings regardless of the litigants. i like your high horse but not really where you make it shit. try content over snark.

  4. I really have to wonder if the majority of those responding are in the same position as the Twitter bots. Anonymity has been detrimental to the American public using social media to lift themselves up out of the gutter.

    Unfortunately, the vile presence is still there when looking in the mirror for them.

  5. Perhaps it is a blessing that AG Garland did not become a Supreme Court Judge. Also Garland could bypass the 11th Circuit and take his appeal directly to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    I just read that early this year Trump also tried to have his (now dismissed) lawsuit against Clinton, Comey and others, moved to the jurisdiction of this Judge Aileen Cannon, a very pro-Trump Judge appointed by Trump after he lost the 2020 election. 🤔



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