The Furkids are sooper-cited about Valentine’s Day! They asked for the bunny song to celebrate it. Uh huh. The bunny song. It took a while but I finally found the one they wanted and listened to the lyrics. It came as no surprise to find that, according to the furkids, Dean Martin had muddled up the words. No problem, they said, they’d make the corrections.

But then they complained that Mr Martin had left out an entire verse so the orchestra could have the spotlight for a bit. It was a nice thing to do for the orchestra, they said, but they wanted to put the missing verse back in. They couldn’t remember all the words to it but purromised they’d work on it.

They gave me their version of the lyrics the next day and, as I read it, I began to suspect they’d made it up overnight. See what you think.

We have plenty of coins for the jukebox so it’s all ready to go! Just scroll down to the lyrics and sing along. Don’t forget the furkids have written extra lyrics for the instrumental section too so keep singing!



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  1. {{{Michelle}}} Funny thing – I was singing something close to this version long before I met the Furkids. The Furkids always have the best lyrics. Skritches to Loula, Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}} to you, & Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody.


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