I wonder if somebody will do a comprehensive story on this soon, because Fox News is changing its spots. So far this story of Fox News policy and the Big Lie is just blips on social media. When Dominion Voting Systems’ process server came a knockin’ on Fox’s doors it was decided that it was time to cool it with the Big Lie. That went on for months. Then just ten days ago, as you may recall, there was a big bru ha ha with Dan Bongino, who had interviewed Trump on his show Unfiltered. The portion of Trump’s interview that referenced the Big Lie was cut when the show aired on You Tube.

That led to a skirmish in right-wing media, with everybody piling on Bongino. It was debated whether You Tube edited out the portion which offended its community standards or whether Fox News did.

In any event, that was August 8 when the controversy raged, today is August 18 and Trump, once again and true to form, had to let fly his Big Lie theory. And crickets. Nobody edited anything. It looks like Fox News is changing its policy. I don’t know how that will go down with Dominion and Smartmatic and all that, but here is what went out over the air today.

Maybe Fox News adopted its initial cease and desist attitude just to stall for time and have its lawyers examine their options. I have no idea. I’m just speculating because clearly something led them to policy A of No Big Lie and now it looks like a new policy of Ok Big Lie is in place. So it’s common sense that something has changed. What other possibility is there?

It’s especially interesting timing, because as you well know if you read this blog regularly, Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani lost their motion to dismiss the Dominion defamation suits so those are going forward. Also, same qualifier, you know that the Sioux Falls cyber symposium went belly up and you know that nothing of any substance is going on in Maricopa County with the audit.

Therefore, with all signs pointing to the doom of the Big Lie theory, why would Fox want to let it go out on their airwaves?

Again, no clue, but something is going on.


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  1. The Murdochs are on the other side of the Atlantic. Fox’s Toxic Trio of evening tee vee hosts are all in NYC and can have little pow-wows right there at the network’s studios. And maybe even allow the morning gang from Fuckwads and Friends to join in too. But it’s that evening lineup in particular that I’m thinking about. What if they got together and decided Fox would be FUCKED if they all got fired? I’m sure their contracts provide them with a hefty payout even if terminated for cause but the amount wouldn’t be that much to a family as rich as the Murdochs. Even a multi-billion judgement in court (don’t forget the part where punitive damages could get tacked on) would sting some but not harm the Murdochs too badly.

    The loss of their evening lineup (and maybe the morning show crew too) would be of far greater concern. The devastation it would cause to the network in loss of viewers and what ad dollars they still manage to bring it would do real damage to the Murdoch media empire if they either fired those hosts or their prime “talent” decided to resign in protest and sue claiming the network breached the contract by “censoring” them.

    Could it be that behind the scenes we have a trans-Atlantic game of “chicken” going on? An internal fight that might (dare we hope) ultimately result in an implosion of Fox “News?”

  2. “I’m sure their contracts provide them with a hefty payout even if terminated for cause but the amount wouldn’t be that much to a family as rich as the Murdochs.”

    It would really be odd for a company that is so hostile to employees to let themselves sign a contract with anyone that would provide a “hefty payout” to anyone–even the likes of Hannity–who was terminated, especially “with cause.” I mean, honestly, Hannity benefits a whole lot more from being on Fox “News” than Fox benefits from having Hannity. What does Hannity do if he doesn’t have a regular hour-long TV gig? Sure, he’s got a three-hour radio show but I’m willing to bet he gets more viewers in that one hour on Fox than the cumulative total of listeners for his three hours on radio.


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