With the sole exception of the first 48 hours after the Capitol riot, the performance of the GOP writ large, but especially the GOP House has been pathetic. It became clear that there were no depths that were too deep for the GOP to plunge in total subservience. They started looking like a first week mime class, stumbling around trying to look like somebody trapped behind an invisible wall.

But after all of that, it appears that the GOP House has finally found a wallow too deep to roll around in, and guess what? It’s the very wallow Traitor Tot wants them to jump into next. The wallow is named The 2nd Capitol Riot.

When El Pendejo Presidente darkly proclaimed on Bullshit Social that he was going to be arrested on Tuesday in New York, the GOP howler monkeys went into instant shit slinging mode. McCarthy vowed to have the full investigative weight of the House committees brought to bear on this rogue prosecutor. The outrage crackled in the air like lightening. In a heartbeat the largely unknown Bragg became the most hated man in America since that kid with the headphones that reached for that foul ball in the Cubs playoff game.

But when FrankenTrump started using the same word, Protest!, in every wild post, and sometimes more than once, even Easter Island heads like Pence, McCarthy and Machine Gun Marjie started to get the memo. The last time Glorious Bleater called for a protest, he spent the next three hours cheering for the barbarians at the gates.

What a difference a little thing like a few scales falling from your eyes can do. Squeaker Cavein McCarthy, while following through on his threat to have his committee heads pester a lawyer trying to actually get something done for the people, he went on to urge that people should stay home, and not take to the streets. Gym Bag Jordan popped out of his hole to say that he didn’t think that mass protests were the way to go. And even Machine Gun Marjie stopped fondling her AR-15 to post that she thought that protests were not the way to go.

I hate to be a party pooper, but the only thing I can say to the political Gumby’s twisting themselves into pretzels over in the House is, Good luck with that one. You feasted at this banquet, and now it’s time to pay the check. If The Mango Messiah is going to have to come to New York, he’s going to want his Blood sport, and if you think he’s going to let you wriggle away from front row seats, you’re dumber than even I thought.

But it’s starting to look like McCarthy and the GOP House aren’t the only ones who are about to get covered in chicken shit, Trump may want to put on a poncho too.

Since Trump started hysterically screeching for protests!, let’s just say that the results have been somewhat less than underwhelming. It was reported on MSNBC, with video, over the weekend of about a half a dozen smallish pleasure crafts puttering up and down the causeway in front of Mar-A-Lago, and maybe a dozen or so scruffy miscreants walking along the access road waving Trump banners. There wasn’t a single cop in sight. And today, in front of the Manhattan courthouse, Garrett Haake from MSNBC found one lone Trump supporter wandering up and down the sidewalk with a sign in his hands.

There can be several reasons for this WOE or Withdrawal Of Enthusiasm. For one thing the timing. Before January 6th, Trump posted his original tweet calling the faithful to DC on December 19th. He left almost three weeks for the rioters to plan and set up their transportation and logistics. This time he left four lousy days.

Next is Trump’s own conduct in performing his con. In the aftermath of the Capitol riot, especially after January 20th, when Trump left office, the backlash from his unkempt mob was terrible. Reports were long and widespread of rioters already guests of the Crossbar Hilton bitching to anybody who would listen that their Commander in Chief had called them to Washington, wound them up, and turned them loose. And after they did the job, he ignored them instead of granting them mass pardons. It doesn’t help any that it was announced today that four more Oath Kreepers had been convicted of conspiracy and obstructing a government proceeding.

And on that same front, there’s a leadership vacuum in the groups Trump utilized so effectively on J6. Elmer Fudd Rhoades and his right hand man from the Oath Kreepers are in durance vile, as is Enrique Tario of the Loud Toys. Those three were the glue that held the organizations together. They had the charisma, intelligence, planning and social media skills to put the logistics together. With them all out of commission, even if Trump calls for a mass uprising with more time, there’s nobody in the hierarchy who can put it together.

But most importantly is the fact that the element of surprise is gone. On J6, a lack of proper communication and planning between law enforcement had the rioters piercing inadequate and undermanned barricades. And we all saw the result. But one thing about law enforcement, it’s capable of learning, unlike Trump and the GOP. The news today was full of video of New York cops and city workers unloading and placing barricades at strategic locations, including outside of Trump’s gilded birdcage. To quote The Who, We won’t get fooled again.

And most importantly, these far right groups are at heart chickenshits. What are the Loud Toys famous for? Showing up sporadically and spontaneously at gatherings like drag shows and LGBTQ parades, rumbling, and getting out. They are by nature a loose knit group. And the Oath Kreepers are better known for invading small towns where half of the Mayberry RFD police force are already members. I don’t see them coming together again en masse, especially while they’re still licking their wounds over J6.

Only time will tell. But from where I’m sitting, the combination of Trump’s reduced social media outreach, as well as possible far right distrust of being used by Trump again, I tend to doubt that he can generate that kind of crowd, with that kind of intensity very easily again. Looks like Wednesday.

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  1. You mentioned something important – that the masses who showed up on J6 believed Trump on two important things – that they could stop the counting of the electoral votes and it would lead to Trump staying in office, and second was that he’d pardon them all. Well, they had their insurrection riot but it didn’t stop the wheels of democracy and we (thankfully) have President Biden in our White House instead of Trump. Second, there WAS time between J6 and the inauguration for Trump to hand out a shitload of pardons, or grant a mass pardon to anyone who took part in the riot. He didn’t do it! And now, every week (including today) we see more participants being convicted and the sentences are getting longer, Especially for those up the leadership of the whole mess.

    Trump is no longer President and can’t pardon anybody. Much as the goobers want to believe he can get elected again they are no longer certain it will happen! That is huge. Also, those who might have been thinking about organizing something should Trump get indicted have surely notices the sentences being handed out to those leaders of J6 that have been convicted. They’re running six to eight years now and unlike at the state level sentence reductions for “good behavior” are minimal. Four to six months on those lengths of sentences. Oh, and no parole in the federal system either.

    I think Trump’s face when he comes out of the courthouse after his arraignment will be a sight to see. He’s envisioning tons of TV cameras and there of course will be. There’s ratings to be had and the powers-that-be in the media are whores when it comes to collecting money off Trump’s antics. But he’s also going to be expecting thousands of his MAGA goober asshats screaming their heads off in the distance. THAT is the music he’s desperate to hear and it’s not going to be forthcoming. His sense of disappointment and rage mixed together just might turn out to be epic.

    • And if Trumpler gets in front of a mic when he comes out of court, you just know he’ll start his mouth a-blabberin’ while his ambulance-chaser lawyers fight to get a muzzle on him. All he can ever do is lie, as they (and we) well know. I have my popcorn ready.


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