You know, if it wasn’t bad enough that Associate Justice Samuel Alito is a far right, sexist dotard with a judicial philosophy rooted in the 1700’s, he’s also a pompous, arrogant, self entitled far right dotard. In the last couple of days, he gave a 30 minute speech in Rome, where he did his best Don Rickles, heaping scorn and sarcasm on the world leaders that dared to criticize his legacy decision.

Well, Alito is laughing out of the other side of his face now. The results last night in Kansas on the abortion issue was nothing short of a total, deep red conservative, full forehand, open hand slap right across Alito’s arrogant chops. In his selfish, sexisrt overreaxch on the abortion issue, he accomplished something extremely rare in politics. He Unleashed the Kraken.

A little perspective here. Unless you’re a political junkie like I am, and cover this shit for a living, most Americans don’t really think about politics that much, and for a good reason. It’s messy, sleazy, and confusing.
And here’s a twofer. When you come right down to it, not much that goes on in Washington touches most American voters personally.

If a veterans bill comes up in congress, unless you’re a veteran, it doesn’t really touch you. If a tax vote for corporations and the uber rich comes up, who can understand that shit. If a voting rights bill comes up, unless you’re a minority at risk, it doesn’t register. If you have a job and insurance, then bills affecting the ACA don’t matter much to you. It’s hard to motivate a large majority around an issue that doesn’t touch them personally.

But when you stick your fat, grubby, judicial fingers into a subject like a woman’s autonomy over her own body, then you, mon idiot, have literally Unleashed the Kraken. And if you go there, then you had damn well bring a lunch and a friend.

Simple fact. Women make up the voting majority in this country. They come in all shapes and sizes, all races and creeds, and cross all political and demographic boundaries. And they all want the same thing, Total control over medical decisions concerning their own bodies!

I have already written about the Kansas primary last night on abortion rights, and I won’t beleaguer the point, but I want to draw 1 highlight. 48% of registered GOP voters cast a vote on the abortion initiative without bothering to fill out the rest of the ballot! And even in deep red, conservative rural districts, while the measure may have passed, it passed by such narrow margins that it did nothing to cut into the groundswell vote against it.

In his moronic, heavy handed, derisive decision about women’s rights, Alito did something incredibly difficult to accomplish. He managed to find an issue that motivated almost everybody in the country. And here’s the McGuffin. It isn’t just women. If you’re a 20 something male, and you score on a Saturday night, the last thing you want is 18 years of child support payments for a misguided moment of ardor. You want your partner to have full access to an abortion if that’s what she wants.

Alito has no excuse. He’s been on the bench for decades, more than enough to be on the short side of multiple decisions on Roe v Wade, and under multiple Chief Justices. And for a good reason. Abortion was to the SCOTUS what social security was to congress. A toxic third rail. Touch it and you die. But when he had the chance, Alito couldn’t resist sinking the court into disgrace for being the first one to remove a constitutional right.

And so,Associate Justice Samuel Alito, for being one of the most arrogant, self effacing, stupid sonsabitches I’ve ever seen in my life, Stand up and take a bow, FOOL! 


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  1. He will really enjoy working with Hillary and the other 5 new judges that will be put on scotus right after the clowns are blown out in November.

  2. Don’t forget Traitorous Thomas, Murf, running his mouth about what else he wants to do from his lofty perch. If anybody is taking the fall for all this, it’s him.

  3. I saw the results in the Kansas Amendment Vote. I was surprised but not horribly so. Surely women across the nation are paying attention to where ‘pube-led legislatures are going with regard not only to abortion but also birth control and basic Ob/Gyn health. Now, just because they’re paying attention is not an automatic win for reproductive health. November will tell us something especially if the democrats make this a campaign issue and I haven’t seen a lot of that yet. The one thing to remember is this: the political hacks behind the Dobbs decision had limits to what they could do. They were limited to ending a right to bodily autonomy as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution at the federal level. Doing that meant it got punted it to the states. If more states follow Kansas’ lead I’ve a feeling a lawsuit will end up on the s.c. docket and it will be quite simple and direct–is abortion legal in the U.S. period. There are five people that are drooling at the thought of this decision. They WILL, not might, but WILL make it illegal for women to have reproductive healthcare be it abortion, birth control, effective Ob/Gyn care, etc. They are already shredding the First Amendment so ruling on other laws Will be based on their nonsensical religious beliefs. All five alito, uncle tom, gorsuch, beer bong and the vagina believe women are second-class citizens, including the vagina. All five believe people of color are also second-class citizens and you KNOW thomas does as well. The s.c. in its current make-up wants to turn this country into a x-tian taliban. Unless radical changes are made to the s.c. the nation is fucked.

  4. Ah,but one legislator in a state decided they should just ban child support because having to pay support for a child you helped produce might encourage men to.push for abortion.
    Every time I think they have hit bottom, they prove me wrong
    The only ones behind d this band and others are evangelical.wing it’s. The rest of us hate the idea of being held hostage for 40weeks by a parasite within our bodies. If you don’t c want to be a parent,, whatever the reason a fetus is a parasite depending upon you for well,everything.
    Too bad I am a,Goid Witch, or I would be sticking pins in a poppet wit Alito’s face on it. I wouldn’t try for the heart or brain since he has neither.

    • Well, if you made the doll anatomically correct and had really, really tiny pins you could always stick them in his shriveled up old dick and desiccated balls! Well, since you’re a good witch I guess you wouldn’t do such a thing but if you were to send me such an Alito doll I’d have no problem doing the deed. And posting a picture of it online – maybe someone else could add the sound effect of the old SNL’s Mr. Bill saying “Oh Nooooooo!”

  5. Alito’s judicial philosophy isn’t really rooted in the 1700’s. They were way, way smarter than that in the 1700’s. Just as we used to say Newt Gingrich is a dumb person’s idea of a smart person, so Samuel Alito’s judicial philosophy is the right wing’s dumb idea of the original constitution. In the 1700s they interpreted the constitution as if they were in the 1700s, which they were, and in the 2000s we need to interpret the constitution as if we’re in the 2000s, which we are. Look to bedrock American principles to address contemporary problems, not to advance RWNJBS.

  6. Alito apparently was just waiting for a conservative majority to unleash his sexist and moronic anti- Roe screed. In the process, he and the beer guy and the ineloquent pubic hair observer found revenge for their own inane reasons. Unseeing seventy- ish men harming women was likely not what the Supreme Court was supposed to do.

    • “Old” white men, elite ones was exactly what the founders envisioned. However, they also envisioned people that were of even more intellectual substance than their monetary ones. Guys that had a reverence for the rule of law and an affinity of the John Adams concept of “A country of laws – not men.” Just as importantly, even if some weirdo ideologue were to somehow make it on to the Court they did NOT envision Justices that would be serving for three or more decades. Back in our early history it was unusual for even well-off people who had decent nutrition and medical care (not that THAT was all that sound back then!) to live into their seventies. No, for the founders it was pretty much a given that people chosen for the Court would be well along in life with substantial accomplishments and credentials, and given life expectancy the typical Justice would serve 10-15 years give or take before retirement or death. It’s only in our recent history that the (conservative conceived and implemented) strategy of grabbing quite young people with limited scholarly and/or judicial experience BUT with extreme right wing views (and a passion for fucked up rationalizations to justify their rulings) that because of modern life expectancy would serve at least three fucking decades on SCOTUS came about. And THAT is something the founders not only never dreamed would come about, but they’d actually be aghast to learn it’s now common, if not standard practice. I’m of the belief that had “lifetime tenure” meant 25-30 years or even more most of the time the founders would in fact have put limits on how long federal justices could serve.


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