When we’re children we take everything around us for normal. The young boy in this picture is not to blame. He didn’t buy the shirt, he doesn’t know what the symbol means. The man holding his hand, I presume his father, obviously thinks that it’s okay to make this statement in public and use a child to do so.

The WWII generation is gone, with the exception of a very few elderly people. We dishonor their memory and all that they fought for by allowing this in public. Hitler was considered the Devil and rightfully so. Our memories are way shorter than I ever thought possible.

Here’s an interesting slant on the subject.

Banned for a “woke political slant?” Wow. But if it was just “Maus” and a few others, and the basic information about what happened in WWII is intact, I can certainly live with that.

Let me just interject this here: I only know this image from Twitter and we live in a world of AI and AI-generated images. This, in all fairness, could be one of them. If this is going on and if DeSantis in fact knows that this is going on, then he needs to get a handle on this immediately. This is not acceptable to any normal mindset. This is incredibly negative. The first image in this article is one of Hitler Youth and the other is Hitler in full bloom.

Jon Cooper saw this image on Twitter and said, “Caption This.” Here are a few replies.

There was a scandal in California several years back where a kid who was indoctrinated in a Nazi home was caught on camera being vicious to his physics teacher, a man who happened to be Asian. That clip went viral. The kid grew into a man and dropped out of social media altogether, being something of a social pariah.

Then there was the infamous Derek Black, who was the son of the founder of Stormfront and the godson of KKK’s David Duke. Derek was set to take over the family business and be an extreme right-winger. He went to college and got a wake up call.

Point being, a child or a young person may think something is normal because it’s normal inside their home, but when they take that behavior out into a larger world, they find out how totally irrational and extreme they are. It’s a hard lesson. I hope this young boy doesn’t have to find that out, but from where he’s starting and what the influences around him are, it would certainly not surprise me. I wish him luck.




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  1. It’s not easy to purge that kind of indoctrination from the system, especially when it started with adults who were prominent in your life from the time you can remember. I know this both from personal experience and so many discussions in my life with others who as we grew up and became adults found some of that stuff buried in our psyche trying to bubble up. It takes constant vigilance to keep that crap buried, deep. But like a dormant virus it’s there whether we like it or not. Accepting that and watching for signs of it is something people raised with adults like this in their life.

    • Stewart Rhodes’ son did after 1/6. Daddy was,founder of Oathkeepers Difficult but not impossible.
      Germany does,a much better job than we do. There is one town that awards them Teraherts with Swastikas–after the first wash,the swastika turns into an antithesis theme. Another town where jackbooted thugs march, has citizens who pledge money for however far the thugs make it. The money goes to Jewish charities.

  2. The righteous right is upset about Target pride cloths and how it’s indoctrinate the children. But this is ok. America now is filled with nothing but hate for the LTGBT community. But with open arms they welcome the Nazi hate groups. Let us indoctrinate the children to the Nazi propaganda so that the next Hitler will raise from the ashes.

  3. to the person that said they were unaware of desantis allowing things like this ….all i can say is where have you had your head stuck in the sand or maybe umm “elsewhere”…..anyway……..he has been behind every single negative and human demorlizing, hate group, fake news……..you can tell his a geniune homophobe big time…..this man is was born straight out of trumps fat ………well anyway…..whether that picture is photo shopped not real …..open you dang eyes its the message thats being put out period……wake up people ….

  4. Florida has a very large Jewish population. This is true. That population however is largely made up of senior citizens. While some Jewish seniors are more progressive than seniors of other demographic groups, there are still more non-progressives amongst them. They are old. Period. Maus offends them because they saw naked mice doing the nasty dance. Doesn’t matter that it was a cartoon. You would also be hard-pressed to find an older Jew thinking it is ok for anyone, let alone children, change their gender or for one to be ok with homosexuality-it goes against Torah. That orthodox rabbi who helped out after the Pulse mass shooting? He was an anomaly.

    Larger still is the portion of Florida that resides in the central part of the state, along the GA/AL border, and in general away from the coast. Those folks are no different from your ordinary citizens of AL and GA-southerners and old school ones at that. They even sound like them. Remember the movie Porky’s? Yeah, they’re a lot like the people who’d go to a place like that.

    So you have a large chunk of people that would be ok with book bans and anti-LGBTQ+ laws. I can tell you one thing however, those elderly Jews did not like those shirts. There are a lot less Stephen Miller’s in the U.S. than you think.

  5. My five uncles served in WW2. Another, was one of the original green berets, went on multiple tours of Vietnam, and received a purple heart. My dad was a Korean war vet. Multiple cousins have served. Although I truly believe in nonviolence, I don’t believe that approach would have stopped Hitler. There are some kids who were indoctrinated to the fact average people had to sacrifice themselves to buy our freedom. I am one of them. Note to all you phucking fascists…I will die fighting you before you rule me or my children. You can count on that.

    • Sometimes the only options are really sh*tty ones. Since no matter how bad things are they can always get worse when there’s the only options are really sh*tty ones war is sometimes the “best bad option.” As for those who would impose fascist rule on us like you I’ll die fighting it. Should things come to that I have every intention of despite my physical difficulties going to hell in a crowd. I’m going to need a LOT of killing from these people. I suspect as a veteran yourself you feel the same way.

  6. I grew up in a racist fundamentalist home surrounded by ignorance and stupidity. I feel for the kid and hope he manages to create the opportunities for himself that I did. I loved to learn and found a way to get to college and minimize the impact the crazies in my family had on me. I now understand that Nazis and Republicans need to fertilize the soil of freedom with their blood. Their stupidity makes great fertilizer and it may be up to those of us who believe in democracy to help them make the conversion from stupidity to fertilizer.


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