The ghost of John McCain is grinning right now. He couldn’t stand Rand Paul either and that feud went on long before COVID-19 darkened our doorsteps and became a propaganda slash fundraising tool for the junior senator from Kentucky. Dr. Anthony Fauci pulled Paul’s covers in the Senate today.

All the cross-talking got Senator Patty Murray, who was leading the discussion, to demand that Rand Paul shut up. Then Fauci said this.

Rand Paul is yet another one of these politicians that you shake your head and ask, “How?How do they keep getting reelected?”

Here’s a link to an old story of mine depicting the Rand Paul/John McCain feud. It’s also entitled “Fireworks In the Senate….” This is from March 15, 2017. McCain pulls no more punches than Dr. Fauci did. He tells the Senate that Paul “is working for Vladimir Putin” and Paul went nuts. I share it with you here because Rand Paul will never change. McCain knew it and I’m sure Fauci does, too.


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  1. DoKKKtor Rand Paul should go fuck himself. With a rusty pipe wrapped in rusted, feces smeared barbed wire. And when he’s done do it again. Sideways.

      • I’d love to, but Ursula would have to ban me forever if I started posting truly visceral rants about Paul and others in MAGA world. Especially the ugly shade of orange human shaped rectum otherwise known as the FORMER guy!

          • Are you familiar with a series about a Marine Recon Unit in the invasion of Iraq called Generation Kill? If so, imagine those grunt’s working to be the crudest talking one in any given conversation. Then imagine THAT being tame, like the legendary coach John Wooden who never cursed (“Goodness gracious sakes alive!” was according to those who played for him the equivalent of “What the fuck is wrong with you you goddamned dumbass!”) compared to what I think and would say if I could. (Yes, I’m aware that it’s not only me and fellow jarheads that can get grossly graphic when we are pissed off by something or someone, but I’d like to think we are far more creative than the non-thinking automatrons so many folks assume we are)

  2. Rand Paul is your classic lesser scion that the GOP leadership is overrun with, a pathetic daddy’s boy who is totally out of his depth. Do not be surprised if 1/6 has him involved too.

  3. Maybe a GOFUNDME site should be started by his neighbor to pay for bail so he can BEAT HIS ASS AGAIN & DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME. Given the evil shit this maggot has supported, can u imagine what his neighbor has to endure???

  4. Gotta love the way Paul rants and attacks and accuses with no evidence, and then when Dr Fauci counters and gives evidence of his statements, Paul whines that he is being personally attacked. I figure if Paul can’t take it, he ought not to dish it out, especially since anything coming out of his mouth must reek from the outset.


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