Another surprise in an October which has been full of them. Everett Stern, who is on the Pennsylvania ballot for the U.S. Senate race, and who has been polling at 3%, has dropped out.

He’s asking followers to vote for John Fetterman.

I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit faint right now. I’m not used to seeing too much selflessness in public life.

This gesture, coupled with the Fetterman/Oz debate scheduled for this evening, could be a last minute game changer.

Three percent is a lot in terms of political capital, and especially at this time in a race as hotly contested as this one.


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  1. 3% in a race which the latest polling shows a 2% separation is still within the margin of error – but it’s ont the right side of the margin. If the nation ends up owing Stern for its survival, I for one will gladly look for ways to pay that debt.

  2. Good to see someone that has the good of the country ahead of his personal ambition. I believe it’s called character. A rare quality in the moshpit of politics.


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