Steve Bannon is a survivor. He’s got more lives than a cat. He managed to survive being fired by Trump, thrown out of Breitbart, losing his chateau in Italy, where he was going to train a legion of right-wing Jedi knights, and then miraculously he persuaded Donald Trump to save him from going to the slammer for his million dollar border wall scam. He has stiffed any number of banks, domestic and foreign.

Bannon has seen and heard all the shades of bullshit that exist, because he’s invented so many of them himself. So naturally he gives lip service to Mike Lindell’s fantasy/farce of Trump being restored to office. But Lindell is getting tedious and tedium doesn’t make for clicks or ratings. Bannon is just going through the motions at this point, because he’s got to put something on the airwaves.

(Hit top clip. Bottom clip is a bonus entertainment clip.)

Here’s more.

What signs, Mike? The fickle finger of God in the clouds that Kat Kerr saw? Or, maybe one of these? These signs could be great if you’ve got the right chemical balance in your system.

Yep, there are sure a lot of signs out there.

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  1. I’m confused, I guess, because I’m trying to tell who the bigger Dumas is …
    Steve Bannon’s list of feline actions and his squirming out of harms way puts him at about 7-1/2, going on 9, then the pillow guy who’s made millions using ground up packing material in pillow cases, and currently shows no hint of common sense …


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