If you think you’ve seen idiocy in all its forms, this will change your mind. This is straw grasping and self-delusion on a level which is simply mind boggling. The pink haired lady is Kat Kerr (the felines of the world should get an injunctive order that she can’t use their name, but that’s beside the point) and she is a “revelator.” The first video describes her revelation in the clouds and in the second video you will actually see it.

Are you sitting down? This is Kerr’s divine vision. Behold.

Is that something? Yes, this is the sign that all of wingnuttia has been awaiting. It’s eight months later and they’re still on the edge of their chairs, panting with anticipation that their cult leader will be restored.

Now this is more like it.

Verily, I say unto you, that looks far more like what it’s cracked up to be than the first image.

Here’s another loon predicting Trump will be back in office by the end of the year. Hope springs eternal and so do these goalposts. They just keep on springing down the field and through the calendar.

It’s amazing how these people continually set themselves up for disappointment.



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  1. I gotta just scratch my head and wonder where all these nutbags come from. Also, why are they so in love with a malignant narcissist who wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire?

  2. “Hank was prophesizing and said ‘watch for the hand of god.’”

    So the rwnj news flash is that some random guy said there might at some point be an undefined sign speaking unstated things?

    That’s pretty weak prophesy. FYI, I am hereby putting you all on notice to watch for the coming return of Hammer pants. My prophesizing is that there will be Hammer pants and rumors of Hammer pants. WATCH FOR IT.

  3. x-tian conservatives/extremists must be the stupidest creatures walking the planet. There are insects with more intelligence than these fools. I guess we should be grateful they’re not showing things on toast or maybe weird vegetables.

  4. They better stop playing with and mocking God. He can and will destroy their worthless bodies and souls. They better get a real sense of fear for God, he’s only going to tolerate so much. Covid 19 will be a picnic, compared what God has in store for them.


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