This is a howler. Picture in your mind Eric Trump watching Rachel Maddow — or perhaps picture him having a glass of wine with Lara, while their kid rides his go cart in the rain, sobbing — and the neighbors call and say, “Oh my God! Rachel Maddow just ripped you a new one, with photos and everything! Go get it on You Tube!”

In any event, whatever the scene, Eric reacted and badly. He went on Twitter and threatened to sue Rachel Maddow. Oh, Eric, Eric! You need to consult with an adult before you start threatening to sue journalists reporting facts! Yes, I know that Daddy just starts screaming and threatening people who say things he doesn’t like all the time, but he just lost a $5 million case today. One would think that would be a cautionary tale.

One would be wrong. Here’s the story: Rachel Maddow reported tonight about an event scheduled to take place at Donald Trump’s Doral International property in Miami this week. Some of the featured speakers there will discourse on such learned topics as how the Vast Jewish Global Cabal (in association with the Vast Masonic Global Cabal) is responsible for everything from the assassinations of William McKinley and Abraham Lincoln to the lethal COVID vaccine which has allegedly “killed more people than the holocaust.” Seriously.

Listen to this. It’s a little over ten minutes and will blow your mind. It blew Eric’s tiny mind, although not for the same reason it will blow yours.

Wow. That is not a run of the mill report. That is electrifying.

And here is Eric, going into meltdown.

You know what occurs to me? I think that Eric is literally so stupid that he doesn’t know that holocaust denying is anti-Semitic. Seriously. I don’t think he can connect the dots.

Eric, we hate to break it to you, but the truth is an absolute defense to defamation. You’re not being defamed. You’re being outed.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Your “final thought” sort of reminds me of Liberace’s suits in the 50s against the UK tabloids that kept basically calling him gay and he’d sue (and prevail) over “defamation” charges yet that never happened in the States due to the much higher bar required (not to mention Liberace was on such good terms with most of the Hollywood press that they protected his “reputation”). The UK press basically didn’t care; they made accusations, usually settling out of court, then went right back to the accusations a week later.
    But yeah, the truth is ALWAYS a winning defense in the US when it comes down to defamation. In Eric’s case, when you lie down with dogs, either make sure they’re wearing flea collars or don’t be surprised when you wake up covered with fleas.

  2. Somebody needs to educate lil’ eric–supporting Bibi does not make one “pro Israel”. Given how Bibi is determined to fuck over Israel it makes everyone supporting him Israel’s enemy. Supporting corruption-ridden autocrats is never in any country’s best interests.

  3. Uh…bozoboy…the capos in the death camps were also Jews. They worked with the nazis. Your daddy said the nazis were “very fine people”. Go ahead general custer…go on down into that courtroom…and take on that stupid Rhodes scholar.

  4. I had someone defend the Confederacy from the charge of antisemitism by showing they had Jewish people in their cabinet. Of course Republicans’ defense against racism is Clarence, Tim and Hershel. They really are the most simplistic bunch of people to ever populate the Earth. Hell, cave men had more imagination and smarts.

  5. What a tool. There won’t be much left of him if he decides to go up against Rachel. For his sake, I hope he’s just blustering. He’s not his father and if he was smart, he’d keep his fat, stupid trap shut, something his dad has never figured out. What a worthless family (except for Mary!).

  6. Most Trumpies,are,anti-Semitic. They only support Israel because a,Jewish state is required by their holy book for tge,End Times. 144,000 Jews,will convert and the rest will.go to help for the sin of being Jewish.
    Get your crazy prophecies straight, guy.
    And the Holocaust is fact. My great uncle helped liberate one of the death camps. I have known two survivors. Maybe if you had seen their tattoos…


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