Timing is everything, especially in politics. The fact that Eric Trump has come up with this falderal on the heels of Mark Meadows texts exposé is going to be scrutinized far more than the substance of this podcast interview with Jay Cutler. This is 180 degrees removed from Donald Trump’s “I alone can do it.”

Bear that in mind as you listen to the following blather. Apparently now, after listening to nothing but how Trump was going to drain the swamp, run the country like a business; after his assurances that the Chinese were depositing “billions in the treasury,” how the “Chy-nuh virus” was “going to disappear one day” and all the other classic bovine caa caa that you listened to for years, the new spin is going to be, “We’re innocent by reason of stupidity.” Umm….hate to break it to you Eric, but ignorance of the law is no defense.

:56 of what may become the new trend in Trump world.

Now I know you’re thinking the same thing(s) I’m thinking and that is:

  1. Thank you Eric for the best political ad of 2022, 2024 and maybe ever;
  2. Could Eric really be so stupid as to not understand what he just gave to the Democrats? (Yes.)
  3. Does Eric know that Daddy isn’t running in 2024, so it really doesn’t matter?
  4. Does Eric believe that this is going to get the Trump family off the hook? I mean, everybody loves a reformed sinner, and so if they all just kvetch, as they’re being led off in chains, “Not fair! We’re too stupid to go to prison! Jared especially!” that’s going to matter?

I must say, this is more entertaining than listening to the usual whining about Russian hoax and an unfair press. This could get interesting.

And here’s a bonus clip that you’ll enjoy. Comedian Mo Amer had a chance encounter with Eric Trump on a plane and he turned it into comedy gold. 

Amer’s first brush with fame came almost by accident in early 2017, when he posted on Instagram about a chance run-in with Eric Trump after he “randomly” got upgraded to business class on a flight to Scotland.

“I hated that so much,” Amer says. “When Dave saw that, he goes, ‘Bro, fame is chasing you.’ And I was like, I don’t want it chasing me like that. You want it to be on the merit of your art and what you’re contributing.” Amer didn’t realize his post had gone viral until he landed and “had hundreds of emails from every publication you could ever imagine.”

He didn’t love the fact that people were trying to live some Trump-confronting catharsis vicariously through him. But even worse was when Trump fans started using the incident to somehow prove that the family that had just tried to implement a Muslim ban was not actually anti-Muslim.

But Amer got the last laugh on them. He led his routine on Stephen Colbert’s show with the anecdote.

Nothing anti-Muslim about the Trumps, no siree. That’s why the Muslim ban was the first thing that Steve Bannon sent screaming off his white board and into an executive order back in the day. That’s why Lauren Boebert feels so free to disparage Ilhan Omar and the “jihad squad.” That’s why Marge Greene told Boebert not to apologize to Omar.

But then again, as Eric wants us to know, the Trumps don’t know what the hell they’re doing. We cannot gainsay the man.




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  1. The Trump family is guilty as all get out. I would like to see them all in prison. This latest piece of BS from them is laughable and a big waste of time and money because the Trump family will try and make us pay for it.

  2. Hey, Eric: if your family is that dumb, then your father should never have run for president, and he shouldn’t have been permitted to have multiple business bankruptcies.

  3. It is hilarious. Yes, in one sense, we knew they didn’t know wtf they were doing in government. At the same time, sorry you are still responsible.

  4. So Traitor Tot is going from claiming to be “a very stable genius” (Which of course is provably NOT true!) to son of Traitor Tot saying the family is too stupid to commit the high crimes and acts of treason that they are guilty of?! Sorry, but being stupid does not earn a pass on your family’s crimes!!


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