Eric Swalwell Destroys Gym Jordan “Who Are You Here For, The Kids or The Killers?”


Rep. Eric Swalwell took no prisoners during a House Judiciary Committee hearing today, absolutely tearing Gym Jordan and his fellow Republicans a new one where they didn’t know they could have one:

“Nineteen kids are dead. Nineteen children are dead, so to my Republican colleagues, I ask who are you here for? Are you here for our kids or are you here for the killers? Because if you were here for the kids you would do all you could to protect them from the next school shooting that is about to happen, and we know it is going to happen in America. You would vote to raise the age on purchasing an assault rifle. You would vote to ban high-capacity magazines. You vote to require safe storage, and you would vote to address ghost guns, which are ravaging communities across America.

But if you’re here for the killers, you would do everything to make it easier for the next school shooting to happen. And Mr. Jordan, you say we are trying to dramatically change the country. If trying to make sure that no more kids are put in the ground with a Superman costume means dramatically change the country. Guilty. That’s why we’re here. Kids are going into the ground today, and you call that trying to dramatically change the country. Why are you trying to dramatically change the number kids going into the ground, Mr. Jordan? Who are you here for?”

Pop some popcorn and watch the whole thing, it is worth the admission:

You’ll have your answer when they vote, Eric, they are there for the killers.

Charlie Pierce of Esquire magazine was watching and he had this R rated take on the proceeding, which elicited some entertaining replies:

It’s all fun and games til Screwy Louie gets his feels hurt.

Now do the January 6 hearings on PBS.

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  1. Think of all the supporters/pedophiles in Jordan’s district (because surely they must be if they support a pervert like Jordan). Kind of sickening.


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