Here is Dr. Jack Brown’s analysis of a fat face that knows it is completely fugged…

Eyes down? Mine would be that way all the time if I were him.

Forehead elevated. Mine has been that way for thirty years…

Not to mention a reaction to soiled undies…

Dr. Brown’s followers loved it!




Amen to that.


Can’t have too many…

Smart cat.

Dr. Brown’s professional opinion was perhaps not crucial to our understanding of Jone’s expression, but it was still fun!

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    • Damn. That makes me think of early in The Shawshank Redemption when Andy and his fellow newbie inmates had their first day and night. Remember the character Fat-Ass? I can see Jones’ playing that role in real life, although getting marched naked and covered with that delousing powder wouldn’t be part of his being marched to his cell. And no Hadley beating him to death for busting out screaming and crying, but I can easily picture Jones making exactly that kind of scene. He ain’t cut out for prison for damned sure. IF he knows shit and has “receipts” he’s experiencing a proverbial “come to Jesus” moment, at least if he’s got enough stashed away to escape to a non-extradition country to quietly live out his years once his bank accounts have been raided. But if he can stay out of jail, at least while testifying you can bet he’ll be setting up to flee. IF he’s got enough money hidden away.

      What would provoke an “Oh shit” reaction even more priceless is if the feds know every single illicit account but Jones doesn’t know that they know! And while he’s enroute to his new home that money gets frozen! No money to pay his “entry” fees (bribes), and hell, I for one wouldn’t mind if the feds allow his would be early retirement country to keep a huge wad of cash to hand him right back over to us on the tarmac.

  1. I kind of like the tweet from I Brake for Iguanas who is speculating this is all for show. Is I Brake saying this was planned by jones and/or the yahoos he has for attorneys? Really? In what universe is allowing the other side in a lawsuit to see incriminating evidence THEY WERE NOT ENTITLED TO GET a good idea? I mean F.F.S. if I were jones I would have lost that phone before this trial ever started just in case the opposition could be entitled to the info on it.

    No. These are just the usual magat morons (but I repeat myself) proving once again to the world they are incapable of adding two and two together and coming up with a sum of four. Or to put it another way, the attorneys are proving anyone can obtain a law degree and that they probably obtained theirs from a box of cereal.

    • The plaintiffs, and the court, WERE entitled to get this data – it’s called “discovery” – but Jones and his attorneys DENIED IT EXISTED.

      • I suspect at the very least a censure from the association or even disharmony for thoseclawyers. You are required to theory over ALL evidence to the plaintiffs even if it hurts your client. They denied the phone’s,existence when they actually had it all the time the claimed it was gone.
        Hmm, perjury is the least Alex,will face. And his lawyers,need to start looking for employment outside the legal field. Maybe shoveling horse or cow hockey somewhere. Or janitorial work in an inner city school. Or holding signs at road construction sites.


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