Yesterday, I reported on Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita’s appearance on Jesse Watter’s Fox News program, during which he accused the Indiana Doctor who provided abortion care to the ten year old rape victim from Ohio of “failure to report” the procedure…

A quick refresher on his accusation:

This morning, The Washington Post reports that the doctor in question in fact followed all reporting procedures required by Indiana law, and a statement by her attorney indicates that she and her client are considering legal action against Rokita…

“We’re gathering the evidence as we speak, and we’re going to fight this to the end — including looking at her licensure, if she failed to report,” Rokita told Fox News’s Jesse Watters on Wednesday night. Watters had suggested the doctor could face “a criminal charge.”

Rokita again raised doubts Thursday in a letter to Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R), saying that his office had requested, but not received, documentation from state agencies that the girl’s abortion had been properly reported by the OB/GYN, Caitlin Bernard.

But records obtained by The Washington Post on Thursday afternoon show that Bernard indeed reported the minor’s abortion to the relevant state agencies before the legally mandated deadline to do so. The doctor’s attorney, Kathleen DeLaney, said in a statement to news outlets that Bernard is “considering legal action against those who have smeared [her], including Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita.”

Rokita, and, presumably most who voted to put him into his office claim to be Christians, but will brazenly lie to defame a Doctor who’s only offense was terminating the pregnancy of a child rape victim when she could not get the care she needed in her home state of Ohio – because of laws enacted by the same brand of false Christians.

And WaPo reports another example of those same hypocrites at work:

“During his Wednesday night interview with Fox News, Rokita also accused Bernard of having “a history of failing to report” child abuse cases — an allegation that hinges on claims made by an antiabortion group in 2018 that have since been amplified by some conservative outlets…

… Indiana Right to Life filed complaints against the physicians with the state health department and the attorney general’s office. The outcome of the state’s investigation into the complaints is unclear. A spokeswoman for the organization said “the State did look into it,” but when asked to share related documents, she referred The Post to the attorney general’s office, which did not address an inquiry about them.

The Indiana Department of Health did not respond to multiple requests from The Post. A review of records from DocInfo — a physician licensure and disciplinary information data set from the Federation of State Medical Boards — and the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana did not show any disciplinary activity or license terminations against Bernard or any of the other doctors.”

Lies built upon the foundation of previous lies…

Lies are all they got.

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  1. Go Get ‘Em Dr. Bernard! Make them pay out the nose. Time to fight back at these a*s-wipes in the only way that will make them learn–take ALL their money. Sue them out of existence.

  2. Finally. The only way to shut up all these idiots is to fight back. I hope she does follow thru and sues not only the Indiana AG, but also Jesse Watters of Faux Noise, and all print journalists that smeared her. She is not a public figure, no one had heard of her prior to this, so the bar for defamation is much lower.

  3. An “indiana attorney general” is going to be sued into poverty. Then again, indiana is nothing but a red welfare state run by nazis like that seditionist pence.
    By the way, when is scotus going to be named as a defendant in the upcoming trial for all of the traitors?

    • How about learning how things work before posting your demands? (You seem to have a vivid imagination. But little knowledge of either US government or civics.)

    • Amazing how easily these creeps at fox news assemble other creeps together with their lies and presumptions … AG levels of government, can and SHOULD know better than outright attacks of those who have worked through years of study and hands-on training to become the expert doctors they are …

      I expect this idiot in Indiana, has a history of excellence … NOT /S

      A close examination of this AG’s background and ties to the GOP losers, could become quite entertaining …

  4. I pray that the good doctor has a good lawyer and that they’ll include in their lawsuit Fox itself and its despicable leadership, the corrupt Murdochs. Fox is already facing a $1.6 billion suit from Dominion Voting Machines for defamation. The doctor’s claim might be peanuts by comparison (I’d suggest $10 million) but it all adds up to a financial hit for Fox, which might get its scumbags rethinking their slanderous actions.

  5. I hope she gets the AG’s balls in a glass jar and bankrupts him. He and his ilk hate women and regard women as only being good for two things: sex if married and pumping out babies. A ten year-old cannot carry a pregnancy to term band it will.either kill her or do.massive internal.damage.
    To quote the late great feminist too Kennedy, “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

  6. Primarily, what we have here is a dumbass. Why is he a dumbass? Well, there are a number of reasons, the first being that the rapist was here for 7 YEARS, let in by mentally ill, nazi loving policies put in place by republiCLOWN dumbasses like this so called “attorney general” who is obviously just another shit for brains fascist with a law degree bought and paid for by his hoosier daddy.
    This dumbass is going to wind up living in a van down by the river.
    This dumbass is a perfect example why his ilk must be removed from society.

  7. There has to be a way to stop Faux News from spouting lies. They are fake Christians, lying to get what they want, instead of trying to be truthful. I have no respect left for the right wing of the republican party. They are nothing but extremists, leaving the decent one’s like Cheney, etc, in their wake. If they keep getting away with lies, we will have no free country left.


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