I’ve been thinking about this all of last night and all of today, to the point where the smoke from my burning brain makes it look like we’re living in the middle of a forest fire. But I opened the windows and persevered, because I wanted to bring a little calm and clarity to this situation.

Right now, everybody is still all up in arms over Garland’s decision yesterday to appoint a Special Counsel to complete the J6 Trump and stolen documents cases against Traitor Tot. But the biggest whine, and there isn’t enough cheese in Wisconsin to go with it, is the inexcusable delay that appointing Smith to the case will cause. Which, as I wrote last night, is pure and total bullshit. No matter how long it takes Smith to catch up, the investigations will just keep chugging right along. It’s a bogus argument.

Let’s just look at Jack Smith for a moment. The guy is a 30 year prosecutor. And he’s obviously a quick study. After all, he ran the Public Corruption department of the DOJ, dealing directly with corruption cases. When a political corruption case gets too big for a line prosecutor, in comes  Smith from the bullpen as a closer. And in that role, he knocked down a Mayor and a Governor. The guy is a quick study.

But let’s just ignore Jack Smith for a moment, and look at what he’s walking into here. He is going to be in charge of combining, coordinating, controlling 2 separate DOJ investigations. The J6 corruption case is under the aegis of the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, with their own grand jury. But they’ve been reporting to Lisa Monaco and Merrick Garland at the DOJ. The Mar-A-Lago documents case is being turned directly out of Main Justice in DC, which means that Garland and Monaco hand picked their own team, who report to them. Jack Smith will simple streamline those processes, and report directly to Monaco and Garland.

But again, forget about Smith, this isn’t about him. It’s about the cases. And from day 1, Garland has made it crystal clear that the DOJ doesn’t hold press conferences. It speaks to the American public through its court filings. And those court filings have been brutal to Trump and his compadres. In their filings before the FL judge to get the search warrant, and again in front of the Special Master, they didn’t just supply sufficient evidence to carry their points. They consistently gilded the lily, explaining their positions in terms far simpler than a federal court judge required. They were speaking directly to the American people, laying out their case and progress. And it’s devastated Trump’s legal defense team.

But now let’s look at the filings from thr J6 prosecution being run out of the DC US Attorney’s office. These are a bit more ephemeral, since most of the DC US Attorney’s office court filings have been restricted to cases they’ve filed against actual insurrectionists who violated the Capitol o  January 6th. But there are still plenty of juicy nuggets to chew over as regards the Trump mob.

Most of the meat on the bone there comes from the Search and Seizure warrants that the DC US Attorney’s office has requested. Let’s be clear here, shall we? The DOJ doesn’t have the FBI request search warrants for electronics unless the defendant is a target of the investigation. If he’s not, there are other ways to try to get the information from other sources. Getting the FBI to get a search and seizure warrant shows pressing current need for the information in the investigation.

And so far they’ve nailed Trump Fake Elector architect John Eastman. They’ve nailed Trumptard Peter Navarro, and failed Trump Attorney General slave Jeffrey Clark. They have dragged former White House Counsel lawyers Pat Cipollone and Patrick Philbin into the grand jury to answer questions they ducked in their K6 testimony. They gave former Trump insider Kash Patel immunity to go before the grand jury to roll over his boss like a leaky tire.

Just by the DOJ court filings, and the search and seizure actions they’ve taken, it is clear that both of these investigations are far down the track towards obtaining grand jury indictments, and proceeding to trial. But indictments and prosecution of who?

For what it’s worth, here’s how I see it. Personally I’ll be amazed if His Lowness makes it to New Years Eve without being indicted. And here’s why. And again it’s subliminal. In the weeks leading up to the Garland announcement of a Special Counsel, there was reporting that Main Justice was bringing back Public Corruption specialists from different offices. There is no other large scale public corruption case going on other than the Trump case of stolen documents.

Which means that Trumpenstein goes down. In my mind, it’s no longer a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Trump has been far too entitled and arrogant for his own good. I see him going down on criminal charges of violations of the Presidential Records Act, violations of The Espionage Act, and violations for Obstruction of Justice. The eyewitness testimony that Trump himself personally sorted through the documents to decide what to return and what to keep, and his order to move other boxes to his private residence for safekeeping are pure gold.

If nothing else, the documents charges are placemaker charges, they get Trump tied up in the legal system. But getting Trump on seditious conspiracy charges, or any other charges stemming from the J6 insurrection are more muddy. The basic problem is that Trump didn’t actually do anything, and it’s hard to get into someones head and prove criminal intent to a jury. But whether they take Trump down or not, a whole lot of other Trump shitheels are going down. John Eastman is going down, and so is Peter Navarro. I wouldn’t be surprised if disgraced general Mike Flynn finds himself back in a federal courthouse again. The same thing goes for the incompetent dirty trickster, Roger Stone. And as low as he’s been lying lately, I wouldn’t take my eye off of former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for a hot minute. He had his fingers in too many Oval Office pies at critical times. Which ;eaves flotsam and jetsam Boris Epshteyn, Jenna Ellis, and Sidney Powell for their roles in the fake elector scheme.

I can’t imagine we’ll see anything before Thanksgiving. But by the time we get to the middle of December, that’s when I’m going to start watching for a DOJ presser to announce the Trump indictments in conjunction with the Mar-A-Lago documents case. That’s just low lying fruit. And after the first of the year, that’s when I expect some serious indictment movement on the part of the DOJ against Trump inside leadership for January 6th. I make no prediction here whether or not Trumpenstein will be charged, but either way, the federal courts are going to be busy going into next year. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. At this point whatever timeline leads to an actual indictment will be forgotten as long as he’s charged & put through the process. If not, the law will be the true criminal & NO apologist will be able to whitewash that fact.

    • The problem being that if the monster manages to skip out of charges, the public at large will lose all faith in the justice system, because we have WATCHED him doing the crimes in front of us for several years now – no matter what he says he meant we all KNOW what he was doing because we SAW him egging everybody on. He is cocky because he has always just got other fools to do his dirty work – this time WE need him to be seen to be stopped, else there is no Justice !

  2. I agree with everything you say here, Murph, including this:
    “it’s hard to get into someones head and prove criminal intent to a jury …”
    Yes it is. But from what I’ve seen, they’ve got tons of evidence for this too. Six ways to Sunday. Because it wasn’t just an idea that may or may not have come into his head while he was giving his pep rally speech on J6. He was planning this for months. And all these different components were of a piece. We shall see.

  3. but not only tfg. seems to me there are a whole lot of people involved, people who were there, ones who voted to not certify Biden. why should they not be arrested for being the traitors that they are

  4. The Jan. 6 committee is about to send a criminal referral to the DoJ. That is a trainload of material which the DoJ cannot ignore. For that reason alone the appointment of Smith and his team of prosecutors is logical. They do not have to report to Garland at the end of every day.
    Then there is the issue of double jeopardy for Trump. The Congress, acted under constitutional law as a federal court to indict and try President Trump for his handling of Jan 6. 2021. Its ruling was “not guilty”. The DoJ needs convincing evidence for new and compelling facts to bring Trump to court again. And that issue may go all the way up to the Us Supreme Court. That is another trainload of work which justifies Smith’s appointment.
    And then there is the issue of the earlier special master which needs a speedy resolution. More work still to be completed on the document issue.
    Last, but not least, Smith is an extra layer of political protection for President Biden.
    Let the bitches bitch. AG Garland goes his own way and I see not the slightest evidence that he plans to “kick the can down the road” forever.

    • impeachment does not create a “double jeopardy” situation. it’s implicit in the Constitution. Impeach (and the verdict was guilty, what he skated on was the penalty phase), remove from office if possible, and can then be tried by actual courts. Congress is not a court, not part of the judicial branch at all.


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