MAGA world has a new martyr and that is Dr. Mehmet Oz, who just got canned from his position on the President’s Council On Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

Oz responded like a mad cur. Interesting that he says Trump appointed him to “two terms.” Um…how can Trump appoint anybody for anything for two terms? I guess we’ll figure that out later. If Trump did it with Oz, he probably did it with others.

Oz saw this as an opportunity to play victim. Maybe he’ll get some mileage out of that.

When he refers to his ideas about COVID, could he be referring to the video he made where he said it was okay if a certain number of school children died, as long as schools were opened? What a guy.

This will be good for a victim cycle or two. Enjoy it while you can doc.


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  1. That quack’s outraged screams is music to my ears. If he were smart, he’d just quietly start selling those horse pills to the Trumpy dupes.

    • His replacement is Chef Jose Andres, who, if I’m not mistaken, went over to Poland and set up a field kitchen to feed Ukrainian refugees. Now THAT is the action of somebody worthy to sit on a presidential council. Not this TV freak, hoping to ride the coattails of the other TV freak.

      • Whoa, for real? I donated to his World Kitchen when he started feeding Ukrainian refugees through it. Damn right he deserves that spot!

      • As soon as the conflict started. You got to admire someone like that. And did Hershel get the pink slip to. Makes you wonder how he played football. Of course I know a few old timers that ain’t right over head injuries.

  2. Well, that’s my laugh for today – this ASSHOLE hearing those two words rTrumpleforeskin parlayed into tee vee ratings and an oh so destructive political career. “Your Fired!” Suck it Mister Oz.

  3. Um, maybe Dr Ooze might want to consider that his RUNNING FOR A POLITICAL OFFICE might not exactly be compatible with an office that should be above partisan politics.

    As for this bit:

    “Um…how can Trump appoint anybody for anything for two terms? I guess we’ll figure that out later. If Trump did it with Oz, he probably did it with others.”

    Terms only last two years (this from the website on the members of the President’s Council) and, yes, Trump did this with many others.

    I also expect to see Biden making this request of Herschel Walker, the Council’s current chair. (And, after doing a little Google search on Walker, it turns out that Biden has requested both men resign BECAUSE OF THEIR SENATE RUNS. From a CNN article:

    “Members of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition are considered special government employees, who, per the Hatch Act, ‘may not be candidates in partisan elections’ while conducting official government business.”

    I work for the Postal Service and I too am governed by the rules of the Hatch Act. If I choose to run for an office in a partisan election, I would be expected to separate from the Service (not really sure if it would be considered an unpaid leave of absence or if I’d have to formally terminate from the Postal Service). I don’t see why Dr Ooze thinks he should be above the law when it comes to the Hatch Act (well, other than the typical GOPer “I am above the law” line of reasoning).

  4. Why was this quack ever appointed to this position in the first place? Is this council merely some B.S. meaning absolutely nothing?

    Let’s hope this quack can be fired for breaking the law-such fodder ought to have a salutatory effect on the Lt. Governor’s campaign for the senate.

    You have to hand it to the quack tho’: at least he is consistently dishonest.

  5. He is a cardiologist. Trump.liked him. Biden doesn’t. He knows nothing about fascism, authoritarianism,or foreign policy. I am.not even certain I would trust an EKG.
    Oz, stick to what you know. Also,,A new presidents gets to appoint people he prefers, like Fat Donnie blurted every starter with half a brain.


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