We all know that the insurrection riot, the outright coup attempt on January 6, 2021 wasn’t a spontaneous thing. Oh hell no. We know there was a multi-part strategy to keep Joe Biden from being sworn in as President. We also know how important the riot at the Capitol was to being able to pull off Trump’s coup. We even know that a lot, a LOT of planning went into it. We also know there was communication between those who wanted the riot to happen (starting with Trump but particularly some of his most trusted dirtbag advisors) and organizers of the riot.

The Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and as you will see even the organizers of the event across from the WH. That huge rally where speaker after speaker including eventually Trump himself riled up the crowd. Including urging them to march to the Capitol with him.  That last part it’s now clear Trump kind of meant. Even if the Secret Service would have allowed him to march with a mob (no effing way) let’s face it. Even that distance would  have been too much for HIM to walk! But getting driven there? No problem, at least in Trump’s mind. He had every intention of being at the Capitol and surely had visions of waddling his fat orange ass into the House Chamber to yell and scream rally style from the Speaker’s podium on national TV. The Secret Service balked and drove him back across the street to the WH.

What an article today by the Washington Post digs in to is how the whole event came about, and more importantly WH knowledge and involvement. An organization, Women For America First (WFAF) hasn’t become well-known like Oath Keepers and Proud Boys but WFAF is the one who organized the gathering on the Ellipse branded the “March To Save America, which evolved from a December “March For Trump.” planned for December 2020. If you’re reading this you saw what unfolded with your own eyes but again it’s important to understand the planning/organizing, the logistics of getting all those people there on Jan. 6and what was to happen as a result. From the WaPo:

How the “March to Save America” would get from the Ellipse to the Capitol was not really a mystery. Yet, in permit applications submitted by WFAF (having shifted a post-inauguration protest to Jan. 6 following Trump’s December 2020 “be there, will be wild” tweet), no march was identified. In fact, according to the inspector general’s investigation, WFAF representatives consistently denied that a march would take place.

That Trump knew about it is more than an assumption. The J6 Committee uncovered a memo that had a draft of a social media post where Trump would advertise a “Big Speech on Jan. 6” with a “March to the Capitol” after. Although that social media post was never made what matters is the notation that the then President (Trump) had seen it! Trump aid Max Miller who would later wind up elected to Congress (from Ohio) testified “I mean, he literally — they had sent out the invite, and it said ‘Save America March,’” Miller told investigators. “It’s — I’m not trying to sound how I’m sounding, but it’s more than implied within the title of the rally.”  However WFAF point person Kylie Kremer told the committee there was no plan to call for a March. She dissembled with talk of if people wanted to come to the Ellipse for the WFAF event, and then go to some “Stop the Steal” or “whatever” event (say, the one planned for the Capitol Ms. Kramer?) then people were free to choose for themselves. I call bullshit. Here’s why.

Mike Lindell was of course around Trump and others in all the leadup and in fact up to his neck in it. It turns out he got an interesting text from Ms. Kramer:

“This stays only between us, we are having a second stage at the Supreme Court again after the ellipse. POTUS is going to have us march there/the Capitol.”

“It cannot get out about the second stage because people will try and set another up and Sabotage it. It can also not get out about the march because I will be in trouble with the national park service and all the agencies but POTUS is going to just call for it ‘unexpectedly’…”

“Only myself and [White House liaison] know full story of what is actually happening and we are having to appease many people by saying many things.”

Maybe she should have added a fourth part – remove and burn your phone’s SIM card and melt down your cellphone. The thing is, WFAF lied on their application for a permit about their event. According to the article had they been upfront the proper planning by authorities for marshals and adequate LE for crown control been on hand. But WFAF and of course the WH didn’t want anyone to know the deep, dark truth of what was intended to happen that day. As you know there were actually some in the WH who had some indications of what might be up and they warned against it, including meeting/talking with some of the RWNJ types we know were involved. Folks like Alex Jones who told others he’d been invited by the WH to “lead the march.”

It’s worth bearing in mind that at the beginning of the linked article facets of the plan were widely discussed, included the expected violence that groups like the Oath Keeper and Proud Boys would USE. People they referred to as “Normies” (not normal mind you!) who were just regular useful MAGA idiots jacked up, incited to rush the barricades. And maybe (the planners were counting on it) bring clubs or other weapons to attack and overwhelm LE protecting the Capitol. So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why the WH wanted to keep the true plan as secret as possible.

Despite LE getting rumblings of a movement of people/protesters from the Ellipse to the Capitol they didn’t have enough to go on to properly prepare. Also, as we know the steps some tried to take were stymied by Trump’s people. Both in and outside government. In the end, we are nowhere near DOJ identifying people involved and holding them accountable. With so much focus on Trump these days it’s important outlets like the WaPol continue to ID and call out people and organizations like WFAF that haven’t yet become household names.

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