It looks like Ron DeSantis never had the MAGA vote and after today he can completely forget about getting it. The MAGAs are livid.

DeSantis’ “crime” is that he said that he would do nothing to block the extradition of Donald Trump to New York City, should that become a reality. And it may not be. Trump may simply go to New York of his own volition.

Within minutes of DeSantis’ announcement, social media exploded. Both Eric and Donald, Jr. called DeSantis out. This is a tape from a few days ago, when all of this began to boil over.

I think it’s safe to say we’re going to see a lot more of this. Here’s the fallout.

When Eric becomes disillusioned with your character, that says something. I mean, this is the guy who was found ripping off a children’s cancer charity. If he’s looking down on you, you must really be embedded in the pavement.

And here’s Junior.

And the troops are mobilizing.

MAGA did make DeSantis into a genius. Now DeSantis has his ass hanging out and rabid MAGAs are trying to get their teeth on it.

Let’s look at the state of Republican politics, shall we?

  1. There is Ron DeSantis, who may be hot stuff in Florida, but whose ability to wage a nationwide campaign was questionable before this happened today. And now?
  2. DeSantis has pissed off the base. So how is he going to win the GOP nomination?
  3. Trump is up to his ass in legal alligators. How, in all reality, does the GOP think they can put somebody like that at the top of their ticket?
  4. Alan Dershowitz may chirp on Newsmax about how Trump can govern the nation from prison but anybody with two synapses firing knows that that’s ludicrous.

Bottom line? The GOP has no candidate for president in 2024. Maybe this is what Mike Pence is counting on, both Trump and DeSantis washing out. Could it get that strange, to where Haley or Pence become viable candidates?

There’s only one thing to be sure of at this point and that is that we are on political terra incognita. Nobody can read the tea leaves at this point.

Let me leave you with a fabulous tweet of Rick Wilson’s. It encapsulates the state of politics in this country right now.

It’s all too true.

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  1. Once again we have a GOPer proverbially whipping out their “junk”, resting it on the edge of the table and smashing it flat with a hammer!



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