If half of what is alleged is true, Alan Dershowitz had better hope that at least some of drumpf’s black mail never sees the light of day…

But the master of Mal-A-Lardo has Alan’s raisins in his pocket so his only choice is to back fatso’s play…

Exactly like…




Good point.

If that was gonna happen it already would have.




Ding, ding ding!👇👇👇

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  1. Says a guy who went to rape island. What a tool. He sounds like a man who’s got something to hide & his only out is the other guy who has something to hide.

  2. I don’t know when Dershowitz lost all credibility-maybe when he started representing pedos for the money regardless of their obvious guilt-but it is gone never to be found/seen again. Why would anyone listen to a single thing he says about a liar who continues to lie and who will never stop lying?

    I imagine he made oodles defending the indefensible. He ought to go enjoy it and STFU.

  3. He defended Epstsin. He argued that the age of consent should be 14. After he was accused by a girl.of having sec with her when she was 14.
    Trump.must have something on him. Hmmmmmmm. Sounds like he is defending statutory rape and sex with minor female children, and likely actual rape. Nice guy. Not a pedophile at all.
    Personally I think.his decline from liberal hero (never really was one; just played one on TV) to disgusting pervert began with the O.J. trial.and just went downhill from there in the mid90s.

    • Did Donnie get some evidence from.Epstein to.hold over Douchewitz? Maybe photos? Maybe something worse? Why else would he defend him?


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