There have been other and more important things besides the game show host’s fall from grace this week, as perhaps you may have noticed. Finland is now a member of NATO. This is a wonderful thing. It doubles the alliance’s border with Russia. There is a new moon crew scheduled to do a lunar flyby the end of 2024. The return to the moon is not only historic, but the fact that this four-person crew includes a woman and a Black astronaut, as well as a Canadian, is like something out of Star Trek. We are beginning to live up to our potential as human beings and reaching out beyond our world and into the greater cosmos.

And at least as inspiring and heartwarming is the election of Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin state Supreme Court, flipping control to a liberal majority ahead of rulings on an abortion ban and safeguarding election rights for the 2024 election. This is a blessing beyond measure. You recall that the lawsuit that Trump filed in Wisconsin in 2020 challenging his election loss almost succeeded. It was defeated by one vote. If Protasiewicz had not won, and right-wing Daniel Kelly did, who knows what would happen next year in this swing state. My flesh crawls even thinking about it.

Jon Cooper has a succinct take on it. The importance of this victory cannot be overstated. Democracy won today, not just one democrat. Our way of life had a victory.

And there’s this horse’s ass. Talk about a day late and a dollar short.

Junior needs to get the hell out of politics and the hell into rehab.


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  1. I spent last week and Monday texting for the Wisconsin race. Had a good feeling about it from the feedback and it got proven true. A LOT more worthwhile than fretting over and cowering to these people.

    • I marvel at how the Trumps and the GOP in general are so tone deaf. Last night was yet another key victory for Democratic sanity and against right-wing extremism. When are they going to see that this shrieking, name calling attack mode way of politics is not getting them what they want?

      • When they start losing elections in a major way and that will not occur unless and until the gerrymandered districts go away. Maybe that will start now in WI. The way things are in red states at this time allows these shrieking harpies to pander to the worst of their base without fear of losing in general elections.

  2. This of all things today makes me happy, trump is just a distraction from the real day to day politics and elections. This election will impact the country far from its borders in how law is interpreted and how federal congressional districts will be drawn. On Wisconsin

    • You’re exactly right. Trump is still commanding center stage because he’s such a freak, but off in the real world, an important election was won and much good will occur from it. All Trump’s posturing for the MAGAs is achieving squat. Those people don’t want to change the world, they want to see Trump mess things up, just for spite.

  3. What a huge relief, we won!!!! Having Ron (the) Johnson win was really terrible for Wisconsin. This victory is beyond important!! I can’t pronounce her name but I love her!!


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