Twister Sister lead singer/songwriter Dee Snider can’t really stop political candidates from using his band’s music at their rallies, as long as they pay the commercial licensing fees the songs are fair game.

But he sure as hell can use his social media presence to make his displeasure known, and, in the case of Kari Lake’s appropriation of his tune “We’re Not Gonna Take It” he is doing just that.

LGBTQ Nation

“Far-right candidate Kari Lake thought she had the upper hand when her campaign tried to troll Dee Snider, but the Twisted Sister front man wasn’t going to take it…

… It started when Lake’s campaign repeatedly used the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Going To Take It” at her campaign rallies. Snider tweeted his displeasure but added that he was powerless to stop her from using the song.”

Things started to turn ugly when Lake’s “War Room” responded to that dis by putting some of the written lyrics of the song in a campaign ad.

The Lake War Room then mocked Snider as “establishment” and compared him to Tipper Gore, with whom Snider went head to head when she started her crusade to clean up Rock-n-Roll lyrics back in the ‘90s…

Bad move…

The battle took a turn for the worse as Snider lost his cool…

By that time though his followers had his back:

And the war room retired from the field…

Dee did, however, find an Arizona Gubernatorial candidate who was welcome to use his song, Democrat Marco Lopez:

If Kari Lake wins her primary, and it’s looking like she might, she might want to stick to a Kid Rock/Ted Nugent playlist and leave Dee’s music alone.

Cause he’s not gonna take it.

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