Do you think that Donald Trump has returned all the documents he took?

No, and neither does Congress. People speculate regarding the reasons Trump kept the documents. Those reasons vary from wanting the files to use to threaten DOJ if they indict him, “I’ll release them all,” to financial collateral, simply selling state secrets (as some believe Jared did during the administration). One gets the sense that whatever rationale Trump originally had, he still has, and thus is still keeping any documents he managed to hide, whether at his kids’ place, the golf courses, or wherever.

Those doubts, coupled with the fact that two more classified documents were found just last week in Trump’s storage room, have led Congress to really put the heat on the National Archives by demanding that the National Archives get a signed document saying that all documents have been turned over. A judge is contemplating signing a similar order. But no one in Trump’s world wants to aver that everything has been turned over. Would you?

From the WaPo:

The House Oversight Committee sent a letter to the National Archives on Tuesday requesting a review to determine whether former president Donald Trump has retained any additional presidential records at his storage facility in Florida.

The request from the committee’s chairwoman, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.), follows a report from The Washington Post that at least two items marked classified were found by an outside team hired by Trump to search a storage unit, along with at least two of his properties, after his legal team was pressed by a federal judge to attest that it had fully complied with a May grand jury subpoena to turn over all materials bearing classified markings.

This is the single last thing Trump’s team wants to deal with right now.

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  1. Where are the boxes that he had flown from Mar-a-lago to Bedminster? Been checked? Ivana’s coffin (not kidding.) Plus…..who finds out who he gave classified info too? He did it with the two Russians at the beginning of his POTUSing. We have been fucked over and I want consequences.



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