Ginni Thomas with husband Justice Clarence Thomas
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Clarence’s Latest Chicanery, Claims Six Figure Income From Defunct Company Run by Ginni’s Sister


There are more red flags coming from Clarence Thomas’s behavior than you would find in a parade at the Kremlin. 2006 was a while back and it is the starting point for today’s story of financial malfeasance by the supreme court justice. Clarence Thomas conveniently managed to forget that Ginger LTD Partnership became Ginger Holdings, LLC, and since 2006 he has reported $50,000 to $100,000 income yearly from the defunct company — which happens to be run by his sister-in-law, who referred all comments about the company to his wife, Ginni, before hanging up the phone.

Thomas clearly feels little, if any, responsibility to accurately inform the public of how much money he makes and how he makes it. If he was a small-town justice of the peace, this pattern of behavior would be considered an impeachable offense. The big question now, is, what exactly can Thomas get away with? Washington Post:

The previously unreported misstatement might be dismissed as a paperwork error. But it is among a series of errors and omissions that Thomas has made on required annual financial disclosure forms over the past several decades, a review of those records shows. Together, they have raised questions about how seriously Thomas views his responsibility to accurately report details about his finances to the public.

Thomas’s disclosure history is in the spotlight after ProPublica revealed this month that a Texas billionaire took him on lavish vacations and also bought from Thomas and his relatives a Georgia home where his mother lives, a transaction that was not disclosed on the forms. Thomas said in a statement that colleagues he did not name told him he did not have to report the vacations and that he has always tried to comply with disclosure guidelines. He has not publicly addressed the property transaction.

In 2011, after the watchdog group Common Cause raised red flags, Thomas updated years of his financial disclosure reports to include employment details for his wife, conservative activist Virginia “Ginni” Thomas. The justice said at the time that he had not understood the filing instructions. In 2020, he was forced to revise his disclosure forms after a different watchdog group found he had failed to report reimbursements for trips to speak at two law schools.

The man is losing credibility like a sieve.

“Any presumption in favor of Thomas’s integrity and commitment to comply with the law is gone. His assurances and promises cannot be trusted. Is there more? What’s the whole story? The nation needs to know,” said Stephen Gillers, a legal ethics expert at New York University.

Gillers said all three branches of government should investigate Thomas’s compliance or noncompliance with federal ethics law. “The Supreme Court has been the glue that has held the republic together since 1790 with the Civil War the only interruption. We need the public to respect it even when it disagrees with it and to understand why it is important. Generally, the public has,” he said. “But that respect is now in serious jeopardy, and others must do something to stop the free fall.”

And don’t forget the $686,000 that Ginni Thomas earned working for the Heritage Foundation. What she purportedly did there to earn that kind of money, I would love to know. Her husband earns a meager $285,000 a year sitting on the highest court in the land. Maybe Clarence didn’t want to be embarrassed, because he found his way clear to check the box marked “None” for his wife’s income that year, claiming confusion over the filing instructions. A judge on our highest court and he is thrown by something simple like a filing instruction? Makes you question his powers of discernment in other areas, doesn’t it?

Read Jonathan Last’s blistering description of Ginni Thomas as “a boomer with an internet connection, an important spouse and too much time on her hands,” and then figure out how she brought almost point seven million dollars worth of value to the Heritage Foundation. The mind reels.

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  1. He’s a SCOTUS justice. HE knows how to access tax law assistance. HE doesn’t give a damn because HE is above the law. Don’t believe it? Just LOOK at what HE has done for YEARS.

    • He believes himself above the law. Pundits were saying that his and his wife’s participation in January 6 wouldn’t get him removed from the court but I am thinking that these financial revelations just might.

      • It seems the, “Little things”, slip by these jokesters, things we sweat bullets about each year at tax time, their gains and loses can be in the millions, and end up with, “Just another day”, attitude …

        The “Trump”, syndrome of total uncaring for anyone but himself has dealt our country and Democracy a huge mess of do-wrongs and stymied, “do it right”, Democrats — pass the popcorn, it looks like a long year …

        • Exactly right. I’m always checking to see if Turbo Tax thinks an audit is “likely” and if so, how likely. I guess Clarence Thomas just doesn’t even entertain the possibility.

  2. Add, he’s an ethical egoist. He makes moral choices based upon what benefits HIM. Not “us”, HIM. Before we allow another “conservative”, “republican” or whatever you want to call them to occupy ANY other position of authority or power, we must keep in mind, ethical egoists make moral choices, make moral decisions based upon what benefits THEM. They are self-serving, selfish, totally absorbed in their own self interests and that brings in the question of whether they can be trusted to do anything to benefit anyone OTHER then “THEM”.

    • I never liked this guy. It wasn’t just the Anita Hill stuff, either. He seemed to have a weak character and be dodgy. That was my assessment then and it turns out it was right. And a lot of people felt that way about him. Getting him approved was not like getting Ruth Bader Ginsburg approved.

  3. This greedy fool never had any business being on the s.c. His only claim to a seat on the bench was that he is black. His race got him the seat left by Justice Marshall just as barrett’s vagina got her RBG’s seat. Neither of these aSS hats are in any way qualified for the seats they occupy. Ditto for beer bong and gorsuch. We might not be able to rid ourselves of beer bong, the vagina, and gorsuch just yet but this blatant corruption on thomas’ part should be WAY more than enough to have him expelled from the bench.

    • Correction: Thomas was a black man who was hard-core, Federalist Society “certified” and the opposite of Justice Marshall. THAT is how Bush 41 came to nominate him.

    • I’ll believe it when I see it. I think the classy thing would be for him to resign but I’m not holding my breath for that.

      • If it weren’t low-class Thomas would have no class at all. Hell will freeze over before that P.O.S. does anything at all honorable and if he were to resign out of shame, sudden sense of duty or something else noble? Our universe would implode in the “big crunch.”

  4. Given the current state of congress, he will just ride this out and the kangaroo court that is the Roberts Sub-Prime Court will continue to just be a bunch of white-collar criminals who cosplay in cheap polyester robes.

  5. As more corruption gets uncovered, it’s only a matter of time before Thomas plays the race card, i.e. the “high-tech lynching” thing.


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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead