Well, this is some damning testimony. CBS News is reporting that a former Trump aide, Nick Luna, told the House select committee that he witnessed Trump “tearing” documents.

“Did I ever see him tear up notes? I don’t know what the documents were but there [was] tearing,” Luna said in his Mar. 21 testimony before the committee.

According to the Presidential Records Act, federal law requires that presidential records are carefully preserved and then handed over to the National Archives.

When asked again by Dan George, the committee’s senior investigative counsel, whether Trump tore up some documents, Luna replied, “That’s correct.”

Tearing up a document is different from just wadding it and throwing it into the waste basket. When you tear something, you don’t want anybody else to be able to read it. What, oh what, could Trump have felt that way about?

And then, of course, it gets more suspicious still.

The audio files also reveal that Luna testified that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows had instructed him to not enter the room ahead of a meeting with state Republican legislators who wanted to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

“There was one instance where it would normally be my job to go in and make sure that [the] president is comfortable in wherever  the situation is,” Luna told the committee. “And I remember, specifically, this instance [Meadows] had said, ‘Do not, don’t come in, don’t come into the room today.”

Luna testified that he was unsure of why Meadows allegedly told him to stay out of the room, and he could not remember when exactly the White House chief of staff told him not to enter. But he said he recalled the directive occurred as Meadows was preparing to meet with visiting state Republican legislators.

Could these have been meetings on or about November 20, 2020, when Trump met with Michigan legislators or the November 25 meeting with Pennsylvania legislators? That is a key question, because both those meetings included discussions about whether state legislatures could take legal or legislative steps, vis a vis alternate electors, to overturn the election results.

“I just remember [Meadows] being around the office,” Luna told the House select committee. “I don’t remember if it was the Michigan or Pennsylvania. I didn’t know — I don’t remember that those were the places. But I do remember him on, on one or the other of those being, before going into the meeting, in my office.” […]

Luna’s testimony about Trump’s alleged tearing of documents follows previous reports that Trump ripped up documents. Reporter Maggie Haberman of The New York Times reported earlier this year that “on some occasions, Mr. Trump would rip up documents — some with his handwriting on them — and throw the pieces in a toilet, which occasionally clogged the pipes in the White House.”

Just more evidence of the years when the White House would have done well to rename itself the Nut House.

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  1. Every legislator who did not do their jobs in January and who also signed onto that bullshit letter need to be immediately arrested. They are traitors and as such cannot be allowed to have anything further to do with our government. This has gone on long enough with nothing happening to the players in this sick little game of trump’s. Time to pull the plug on the whole lot of them.

  2. Careful. The apologists will argue wait, but, you don’t know, etc. Kinda like the Orwellian idea you shouldn’t believe your eyes & ears over the last 7 years. Didn’t you know the poor get detained over suspicion of a crime while the powerful rich have to have an ironclad case before you act? Silly you.


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