Friday, April 10, 2020
I'll be honest, I am not loving this. As the unplanned dismissal rate in the Trump administration rises like the "Viet Cong body count" in an old Pentagon press release, more and more media analysts are bemoaning the fact...
When I got up this morning to the news that the DNC was suing the Trump campaign and a bunch of Russians for oodles of money in damages, I was flummoxed. My initial thought was “Why in the hell are they doing something so stupid?” My reasoning came down to two simple problems with the […]
Ya know, there are some people that you can just blow off, and not take any heat. But then again, there are some people that it is better not to irritate. For instance, telling your principal after a schoolyard fight that his mother dresses him funny is┬ánot a good way to keep your parents from […]

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